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  • Viscous Fluids


    Viscous Fluids

    "Somethings should never be dabbled with."
    Within the grove of Whisperwind, the young druidess spend her time mixing up potions to aid her sentinels in the ongoing struggle against the persistent demons which still cling to the land. The elf wore her normal skin tight robes, with the massive breasts swelling within the cloth.
    "Hmm.. Just a tad more everblossom..." 
    Kayuna mutter, adding the glowing flower to the purple substance. The viscous liquid starts glowing deep pink and the elf nod slowly. Her fingers wander over towards the table next to her with her eyes fixed on the liquid as she swirl the vial around to mix it properly. The gentle finger tips search for the cork she had left on the edge of the work station. A loud thump came from outside the house and the druidess jumped a bit, accidentally spilling the liquid over her breasts. The pink fluid splatter around her massive melons which gets completely soaked in the sticky sweet smelling elixir. 
  • The Chronicles of Cirdale


    Chapter 1. The Birth of a Legend

    It all started upon the island of Teldrassil. A young Night Elf warrior rose up from the other dull nature loving comrades. With his mind set on becoming the greatest warrior who had ever walked the world he started his journey to Dolonaar. Of course this task demanded certain kind of equipment since the forests have been starting harbouring evil. He picked up a his rusty sword he had be given from a old friend and started running to the Ban’ethil Borrow den to try to get the regents for a druidic awakening. He was gone for hours and they started fearing he would never return to the Night Elf out post. After all he would have been terribly out numbered of all those Furbolgs that had occupied the den. How ever the Young Night Elf made his way back, and not only did he have the regents but he had found a older warrior by the name Azsro.

    The two set of to Darnassus where they parted for supplies and other junk. Cirdale knew by now that he was destined for greater things and found himself ready to go battling the mad driven Nagas on the shores of Darkshore. Before leaving his beloved homeland he went up to the Temple of the Moon to blow a kiss to Tyrande Whisperwind who merely glared at him. Cirdale laughed and scratched the back of his head as he left the temple and tried finding Azsro. With little luck he decided to continue without him and sat of to Darkshore.

    When he reached Auberdine he found Azsro flirting with a girl he apparently just have meet. Slightly mad and somewhat irritated Cirdale walked up and hit Azsro in the head trying to explain that he had been looking for him for hours at Darnassus. With their little argument over they decided that Azsro would go down check out the fuborg camp to the south of Auberdine and Cirdale would go directly for the nagas which was to the north. As Cirdale ran along the road to the nagas, he couldn’t but help thinking of how bleach and dead the land felt. When he finally reached the naga he saw a girl battling them, her hair flowing with life with cyan markings on her eyes. The girl was horribly out numbered so he rushed over to her as the hero that he was and slew two of the nagas that was trying to end her life.

  • Veiled in Shadows


    The mist laid heavily on the swamp... Quiet and dark with the soft sound of the night type creatures orchestra the black scenery. Something stirred further up the road, a stumbling limping figure dragged its leg along the thick mud. The form eventually taking that of a short elven woman with an arrow wound on her thigh.

    "Hng.. I.. I hope I lost her.."

    The red head muttered disappearing into the fog. Back at the edge leading into the swamp a tall elven woman crouched down, pressing her bow against the soil. The mist swirled around her feet and palms as she had put a halt to her pursuit. Two silver shimmering eyes lights up her dark face covered in her hood while staring straight into the pathway her victim had stumble a head. She uttered something in darnassian before pushing herself of the ground.

  • Whisperwind

    The Grove was bustling with action. Ever since the Foundation chose this place as their base of operations, the place had been packed. Not to mention the army itself.
    The Starbreeze Foundation built its roots around a central council and it's leader. It was named for the leader in question, Lady Kayuna Starbreeze. A young druid of some renown who didn't agree with the elders running the Circle. Having been travelling the world for some time, she had gained a good deal of friends, whom she one day summoned to form the Foundation.