Guild Events

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  • Fable Faire


    Starting in Felwood, people are invited to join the faire!

    Starts 20:00 on 1st June.

  • Dark as Fel

    The Satyr have managed to refill the once drained fel flooded Moonwell. The corrupted well were emptied during the Felwood Crusade by the joint forces of Starbreeze and Jade Gathering.
  • The Great Starbreeze Get-to-know-the-members Tournament!

    Welcome to the first official tournament where -you- can be a winner. In every guild there are bound to become "groups" or "clicks" of players who love to hang out with each other and easily forget everyone else. To prevent these clicks from building and to smooth over relations members inbetween, the entire month of November will be dedicated to members helping other members with things they need.

    It is my wish that people will give this event a try, actually asking and giving help to others even outside the usual group of those you feel comfortable playing with. Naturally, all the officers are encouraged to do the same, although only members have the chance of winning the grand prizes we present.

    The first prize in every category will be a pet from Blizzard's pet store, of the winner's choice (up to €10, not exchangeable for cash). Second and third prize winners will also get some cool things, to be announced closer to the end of the tournament.

    The way to win this competition is for the other members of the guild to vote for you in the different categories after the competition finishes. The vote will stay open for 2 weeks after the end of the competition, and the winners will be given their prizes within a week of this, as well as get all the honor and glory that  follows with victory! Good luck and have fun, everyone!

    Edit: Also, check out the forums for some more details, including categories of competition:

    P.S.: How those categories are sorted and judged is entirely up to the members themselves to decide.



    Hugs and kisses,



  • Arcane Hearing

    On Saturday the 20th October there will a group of highborn will state their interest in creating a branch in the grove where they can practice and teach out arcane magic. With spell weavers becoming more accepted among the Kal’dorian society, the council of Starbreeze will decide on the matter of making this change permanent.

    This will be an open event, people will be welcome to attend if they wish, a select few will be allowed to listen in on the hearing. People will be around the grove during the event and free RP will likely occur before and after the summit.

    Perhaps we’ll see you there!
    Love, Lady Starbreeze.


  • Whisperwind Gathering

    We will start of the RP by Felwood this weekend on Saturday.

    It'll be a casual theme, with us gathering, new roleplayers getting to know old ones.
    The event will start around 19:00.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Theramore's Fall


    The drums. That's always the first thing you'll notice when you fight the Horde. Their wardrums. For the past few days, the Drums of War have been sounding across Kalimdor's Dustwallow Marsh. The rythmic beats creating a haunting, eerie atmosphere that even makes the predatorial crocolisks tread with care. A bigger, stronger predator is lurking now. And it's name is War.
    The city of Theramore is under siege. The Horde has set it's sights on the Human stronghold in Kalimdor, their only desire to purge it from existence. We will ride to war. We will face the Horde and we will stop them from taking Theramore. This is war battle sisters, do not give them pause. With the godess as your shield, drive a spear through these green skinned vermin!
    Signed, Miesha Domare of the Starbreeze Foundation.


    The Starbreeze Foundation will assist in trying to prevent the fall of Theramore.

    With Kayuna Starbreeze currently absent from the Foundation, Nimora Moonray send down what ever forces Whisperwind Grove can muster in order to protect the army of humans clinging to this sea side harbor. With the vast number of horde ships and orcs mustered by the warchief Garrosh Hellscream, what hope is there to hold the line?

    In a last defense, Starbreeze Foundation will gather up by the foot hill of Theramore and hold the ground for as long as possible, to secure villagers and civilians.


    The event will start at 18:00 on Saturday the 22nd September!


  • Felwood Crusade Cermony

    On the fifth of july we will be joining <Darnassus> in their cermony to honour the fallen of the Felwood Crusade.
    It will be held in Teldrassil, Rutheran Village at 8PM (20:00 GMT+1), that's server time for all you slackers out there!

    Every guild participating in the Felwood Crusade has been invited. Hope to see you there! o/


  • Grove Tender

    It's been six weeks since the Crusade ended. The grove is healing at a slow rate but Felwood seem to have balanced itself out a little. Lady Starbreeze have hired carpenters from Darnassus to help repair the charred and burnt down houses in the grove, caused by Banelings and Flame druids during the peak of the crusade.

    Kayuna also require menders in form of Druids or Shamans to heal the larger tree settlements as well as the damaged wildlife near and around the grove. Even the anciants have been targeted by the foul fires.

    The event will start on Thursday 19:00 28th in Darnassus.

    You are all welcome to attend should you want to! 


  • Retribution


    With Whisperwind Grove in a state of rebuilding after the Felwood Crusade, Kayuna takes a handfull of sentinels as an escort to Moonglade in order to have an audience with the elders. During her stay, a priestess approach her and wish to speak to her. Nodding of to her guards she wander along into the night.
    As the minutes pass, stretching towards an hour the sentinels wonder where the teal lady have disapeared to and launch a searching party in order to shed some light as to the where abouts of the foundations leader.
    This event will start on Tuesday, 01:00 12th
    This might become a little confusing since the caleder works in when the day shift. Some might think its in the night of Tuesday but infact, its on Monday past midnight. 
  • The Irontree Woods


    On the other side of Felwood, the Druids have gathered once more to begin healing the Irontree Woods, the location of three dormant ancients whom will be awakened by a drought previously prepared by the Jade Gathering. This will not be an easy task though, as while the Druids work and the Soldiers at our battling the Hammer, another threat looms in close, one that will not be easily shunned aside.

    Signed, Malvor Lashvine.
    Event start Saturday 12nd of May 18:00 in Whisperwind Grove