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This is a Argent Dawn EU based roleplaying guild. In order to be able to browse the full extent of the content you require to have a user account.
Have fun!

The Social Hours will now become a reoccurring event, taking place at the Whisperwind Grove in Felwood every Sunday at 6pm Gametime! This is the perfect event for meeting up, getting to know one another. Bring your friends or come all by yourself, there is room for everyone! Players outside the Foundation are welcome to join as well!

Signed, Avellyn Starbreeze


Rule of Inactivity

This rule is meant to keep our guild more active. It is not meant to punish people for taking a break from WoW, though.

A member of the Starbreeze Foundation (hereby known as "the guild") is allowed to have as many alts as he or she wishes, within the guild or anywhere else. Should they be in the guild, this needs to be mentioned in the alt's officer note. There can only be one "main character" per player (or account, if you wish) at all times.

Should a member's main character be inactive for more then two months, he or she will have their main demoted to an alt, and their most recently active alt will become their new main character.

However, should a main character be inactive for more then two months and no alts exist within the guild (or said alts have been offline for a longer timeperiod then the main), then that member's character(s) will be kicked for inactivity unless they have notified an officer, See below.

A member may take a break from world of warcraft, or just from the guild, for any reason. We will not ask why or how long. Should a member opt to take a break, notify an officer about your intention and your officer note will be updated with an "on break" status, reminding all officers that this main is not to be kicked or demoted to alt status.

If there are any questions about this rule due to it being incomprehensible in any way, please ask me (Sylinde) if I am online, or send me an in-game mail should I be offline.

In Search of the Flame

We're heading down to discuss and negotiate with Western Flame. We will be requiring 2 sentinels and one captain at the least followed with one or two druids. Others are welcome to join.

We meet up at Whisperwind

Event starts Saturday, 07th January in Felwood around 20:00

Completed Event - Story below

On Saturday evening, the foundation set out to negotiate with Western Flame. Upon reaching their settlement they found it deserted. The where about of the people are yet to be discovered. The most likely thing is that they were out on a march.

Some Updates for January 2012!

Good Morning Foundation!

I hope you guys have had a great start of this year, and I'm going to share a few projects that we're running. First of, me and some of the staff have gone over members that's been gone for more then two months. I originally didn't want the guild to kick people because of inactivity, but as one stated, it gives of false advertising if we have 150 members where as 10-15 are active. Don't worry! We will not be kicking alts that's been gone for a that amount of time. We will however flush out a few that's been gone without notifying why. There will be a rule made later on to explain how this will work.
Secondly, I'm playing with the idea of changing the name of the guild to something more fitting. Right now I'm thinking of changing it to something with Grove, since we mostly work around Whisperwind. I've spoke to a few about it, and I'm leaning towards Skywing Grove. Since Kayuna's family is druids of the talon. That way we can keep the tabard too. I will also launch a new website with this guild and before I do, I will make sure to keep all your account information safe (yay). As for now I'm not sure if I will make a more elaborate locking mechanism for the pictures or make a separate website for them. This is a long way down the road though, just thought I'd give you a heads up!
Thirdly, pictures! Yes, I know I've been super slow lately, but I've been lacking motivation, and the website just hit 100 000 hits which will be rewarded with a naughty treat. Also, there will be a second follow up on pregnant Kayuna, it will be up tomorrow when I get home from work, Zdemian, being the one drawing it \o/. There will be a short series of three pictures but those will probably be prolonged until February or May. There's also a picture witchking will be making so worry not my little darlings, more art are to be had!
That's all for now, be sure to behave and lady Starbreeze will reward you!
 - Best wishes, Kayuna Starbreeze.

Social Hours

The Social Hours will now become a reoccurring event, taking place at the Whisperwind Grove in Felwood every Sunday at 6pm Gametime! This is the perfect event for meeting up, getting to know one another. Bring your friends or come all by yourself, there is room for everyone! Players outside the Foundation are welcome to join as well!

Signed, Avellyn Starbreeze

Reinstating an old rule!

For Goldshire, with a couple of new points so do not fret!

Firstly, you are allowed to be in Goldshire and Elwynn in general. You are not allowed to be caught roleplaying, erotic or otherwise, in Goldshire. If you are caught doing this via a screenshot or by a Councilor, you will be given ONE warning.

Next time you break this rule, you will be banned.

All screenshots and issues of rulebreakers should be forwarded to Sylinde/Lythiane. Should she not be available, send her an in-game mail with a link to the screenshot(s) and a quick note about date and time plus player's main (if applicable.)


Added note:

Also, I personally will not tolerate people trying to trick me into banning others by abusing this rule. Should you be found the perpetrator instead of the informant, I will give YOU a warning instead.

-Love, Sylinde


Happy New Year!

Hey Foundation!

Had a great year, and I wish all of you to have a epic finish of the past year, and a new fantastic year ahead. I were hoping to release a picture today, but I'm a bit busy with arrangements and plans for tonight. But theres a big surprise coming your way. And I do mean BIG! So from me, to all of you..

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

I want to take this oppertunity to wish each and everyone of you a merry christmas, and a happy new year!

Tomorrow I'll be home with my family and the day after I'm gone with my friends. I will peak into wow and the website every now and then though but not for any longer periods of time.

Hope you all get a great holiday with near and dear!
Sweet kisses, Lady Starbreeze.

5000 Unique Hits!

Wow! I actually never thought it'd get this far.. Partly due to me not posting on Darknest anymore, which have lowered the amount of people I can reach with this art. I'm not 100% sure about how the counter works, but I think the unique visitors means different ISP or computers. Let's assume its 5000 different individuals.

Don't worry my dears! I have quite a few treats left in store for you. I'm working on a five thousand hits bonus picture! Which I'm kind of excited about, I like the pose and I will be trying out something new! More on that later though. I will release the notes with the actual picture.

Thank you so much for letting this become as big as it turned out! And I hope you all will keep sticking around to share in tales and pictures.

Best wishes & love Lady Starbreeze.


Transmog Runs


I'm happy to announce we'll start organizing runs to old school instances for loot that can be used for Transmogrification!

Going to update this with more information later. Stay tuned!
Best regards, Kayuna Starbreeze.



Error Messages


There's been some error messages popping up around the website, don't pay much attention to them, they should be fixed with the maintenance tomorrow. I know it's a little annoying to watch, but it'll be worked out in no time :)

Until then! Just try to ignore it.
Best wishes, Kayuna Starbreeze.

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