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The Social Hours will now become a reoccurring event, taking place at the Whisperwind Grove in Felwood every Sunday at 6pm Gametime! This is the perfect event for meeting up, getting to know one another. Bring your friends or come all by yourself, there is room for everyone! Players outside the Foundation are welcome to join as well!

Signed, Avellyn Starbreeze


The Danger Exposed


For those who are not taking part in the actual fighting of the Twilight Hammer, the land needs healing and it will take the assistance of everyone involved to do so. The less aggressive groups and organisations will be the ones to take part in this ritual, it will involve herbs gathered from around the location, and will call upon the Druidic skill of the participants to help heal a small lake in the central region.

Once the land has been vaguely healed and the Twilight Hammer beaten back once more, and enough resource points have been earned supplies will arrive from Darnassus, and along with these much needed rations, the Crusaders will begin to set up camps around the Felwood area, with each one branching out and partnering with another guild . The location of said camps, and the number of them will be decided depending on the amount of people present, but the camps will now be a permanent base for everyone in the Crusade, and will break contact with the Whisperwind Grove.


Signed, Malvor Lashvine.
Event start Saturday 5th of May 18:00 in Whisperwind Grove 

Guild Ding 25!!


Guild just poofed up to level 25!!

Finally we have reached the highest level and got the Golden King!

Thanks for helping by contributing to the guild, and I hope you will keep going in Mist of Pandaria. I think with Pet Battle system and the new Farms they are adding in it, the social aspect in the guild will rise a lot! And that we will attract a lot more members with this!

Thank you for being apart of Starbreeze and putting down an effort.


Come Get Your Candy

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I were meaning to release this on Easter but both me and the artist got a bit side tracked. It's a little late but those who wait for something good... 

Here you go, Kayuna ready to give her Easter eggs to those wanting!

Drawn by Playfurry on Deviant art. Check out his website here!


Sharpen Thy Blade

The new supplies have allowed for the Crusaders to lead another attack at the Twilight Hammer, driving them back into their base and preparing for the final attack before they are driven back to whence they came. But something happens that changes the course of the conflict, this will be revealed on the day, but it will not only affect this particular event, but the rest of the Crusade as a whole.

In order to withstand the undoubtedly grueling treatment our bodies will go through during the Felwood Crusade, Malvor will be organising a training session to refine our fighting skill and prepare for the conflict.
Signed, Malvor Lashvine.
Event start Saturday 21st of April 19:00 in Moonglade 

The Chronicles of Cirdale


Chapter 1. The Birth of a Legend

It all started upon the island of Teldrassil. A young Night Elf warrior rose up from the other dull nature loving comrades. With his mind set on becoming the greatest warrior who had ever walked the world he started his journey to Dolonaar. Of course this task demanded certain kind of equipment since the forests have been starting harbouring evil. He picked up a his rusty sword he had be given from a old friend and started running to the Ban’ethil Borrow den to try to get the regents for a druidic awakening. He was gone for hours and they started fearing he would never return to the Night Elf out post. After all he would have been terribly out numbered of all those Furbolgs that had occupied the den. How ever the Young Night Elf made his way back, and not only did he have the regents but he had found a older warrior by the name Azsro.

The two set of to Darnassus where they parted for supplies and other junk. Cirdale knew by now that he was destined for greater things and found himself ready to go battling the mad driven Nagas on the shores of Darkshore. Before leaving his beloved homeland he went up to the Temple of the Moon to blow a kiss to Tyrande Whisperwind who merely glared at him. Cirdale laughed and scratched the back of his head as he left the temple and tried finding Azsro. With little luck he decided to continue without him and sat of to Darkshore.

When he reached Auberdine he found Azsro flirting with a girl he apparently just have meet. Slightly mad and somewhat irritated Cirdale walked up and hit Azsro in the head trying to explain that he had been looking for him for hours at Darnassus. With their little argument over they decided that Azsro would go down check out the fuborg camp to the south of Auberdine and Cirdale would go directly for the nagas which was to the north. As Cirdale ran along the road to the nagas, he couldn’t but help thinking of how bleach and dead the land felt. When he finally reached the naga he saw a girl battling them, her hair flowing with life with cyan markings on her eyes. The girl was horribly out numbered so he rushed over to her as the hero that he was and slew two of the nagas that was trying to end her life.


The Twilight Hammer has tried to use many different tricks and spells to manipulate our minds, and this training session will be in order to strengthen our minds and avoid the attacks. A specialist may be coming down to help us.

For those who are not taking part in the actual fighting of the Twilight Hammer, the land needs healing and it will take the assistance of everyone involved to do so. The less aggressive groups and organisations will be the ones to take part in this ritual, it will involve herbs gathered from around the location, and will call upon the Druidic skill of the participants to help heal a small lake in the central region.
Signed, Malvor Lashvine.
Event start 14th of April 19:00 realm time at Moonglade

April 2012 Information



Been working double shifts lately so have not been able to make many pictures or events lately. Usually to tired to go on wow. In case you wonder why I haven't been around much the last two weeks. A few changes are coming in the future mainly with the guild, but I will get to that! I have an art trade with AmourVore from Deviant, which I think will become really interesting, at least the thing he is working on.

Secondly, we're almost at level 25 with the guild. I'd like to extend a very big THANK YOU to everyone who is participating in helping the guild develop, and those who sign up for guild achievement hunting! It's really nice to see people putting an effort into evolving it. :)

Thirdly, and probably the biggest information. Me and Pantalimo are working on a large project. Mainly we are going to separate the guild from the website, and make a completely new one for it. The guild will get a name change to fit the new guild website, and it will host a fun achievement system. The website account will be linked to the forum, or at least we hope to create it that way. Will make it simpler for users to handle it. If things turn out as I hope, I will also update the core of SBF to 7.0 from 6.2. Will see how that works out.

To summaries. Starbreeze Foundation will only host stories, characters and dirty pictures, while the new website will hold events, stories as well as characters, but these will be monitored to not hold any sexual content. The guild portal will have zero adult content.


Have a happy Easter to you all! 
Yours, Lady Starbreeze

Eyes on the Young


We're heading down to Feralas to train the druids. It will be a class held by a few teachers. We will also pass by the hot springs later after the training is complete.

We meet up in Astranaar, Ashenvale. At 18:00.

Felwood Crusade


This is written and created by Malvor Lashvine, of the Jade Gathering.
Below is the full list of how the Crusade will take place. While the above information may seem lengthy, it is but the in-character interpretation of the event and Crusade as a whole. I implore you to read this information below and ask questions if necessary, as it is always under development, and any help in making this an even better event than it already looks to be would be appreciated greatly.

Weekly Maintenance

Good evening everyone!

I'd just want to toss out a warning that the website might be a little unstable from 16:00 - 03:00 on this Saturday, extending into the Sunday morning. The reason is because I'm updating the core engine, as well as some of the modules. Some of you have experienced the website warning for virus and hopefully this will remove that. It -should- be working as normal, but you may encounter bumps, and it might re-roll back at some point. This will -only- affect the website, so unless you comment on something you'll be fine. Or try to edit your profile. You may have to do it again in case there is a roll back.

Should be working better after the update, and upcoming tweaks will be noted further down the line!

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!
Best wishes, Kayuna Starbreeze.


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