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This is a Argent Dawn EU based roleplaying guild. In order to be able to browse the full extent of the content you require to have a user account.
Have fun!

The Social Hours will now become a reoccurring event, taking place at the Whisperwind Grove in Felwood every Sunday at 6pm Gametime! This is the perfect event for meeting up, getting to know one another. Bring your friends or come all by yourself, there is room for everyone! Players outside the Foundation are welcome to join as well!

Signed, Avellyn Starbreeze


Postcard from Darnassus

4.0.5 has finally arrived! The fabulous time of the year when we surf through massive lagspikes on the great ocean of lua errors. I for one decided to spend this time in Darnassus, roaming through the city with Maeiryl on her bike. With the release of GW2 however, we endure the same problem as every other guild does. Inactivity. But be sure to expect a sack of events by the time the hype has cooled down, and MoP is released.

Veils of Leaf

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Got a awesome picture of Kayuna made by Bokuman on DeviantART. You should defiantly check him out!
Wrote a story lately where as I used the phrase veils of leaf and found this quite fitting in a way. 
Love the covers he made for her. Fits her druid aspect too!



Improper Names


Due to some recent problems concerning the guild rules not covering names lead us to accept a new recruit whom were in the guild for a week or two, with the officers taking offence and somewhat myself. 

We shouldn't have names that are potentionally against Blizzards ToS, so from now on we're adding naming policy. Basically we do not allow names that hint towards sexual meaning or otherwise offensive towards other players. Examples can be as followed:

Sadist, Cumslut, Whimpwhore, Toiletmouth, Pissgore, Lolibear


Felwood Crusade Cermony

On the fifth of july we will be joining <Darnassus> in their cermony to honour the fallen of the Felwood Crusade.
It will be held in Teldrassil, Rutheran Village at 8PM (20:00 GMT+1), that's server time for all you slackers out there!

Every guild participating in the Felwood Crusade has been invited. Hope to see you there! o/


Grove Tender

It's been six weeks since the Crusade ended. The grove is healing at a slow rate but Felwood seem to have balanced itself out a little. Lady Starbreeze have hired carpenters from Darnassus to help repair the charred and burnt down houses in the grove, caused by Banelings and Flame druids during the peak of the crusade.

Kayuna also require menders in form of Druids or Shamans to heal the larger tree settlements as well as the damaged wildlife near and around the grove. Even the anciants have been targeted by the foul fires.

The event will start on Thursday 19:00 28th in Darnassus.

You are all welcome to attend should you want to! 




With Whisperwind Grove in a state of rebuilding after the Felwood Crusade, Kayuna takes a handfull of sentinels as an escort to Moonglade in order to have an audience with the elders. During her stay, a priestess approach her and wish to speak to her. Nodding of to her guards she wander along into the night.
As the minutes pass, stretching towards an hour the sentinels wonder where the teal lady have disapeared to and launch a searching party in order to shed some light as to the where abouts of the foundations leader.
This event will start on Tuesday, 01:00 12th
This might become a little confusing since the caleder works in when the day shift. Some might think its in the night of Tuesday but infact, its on Monday past midnight. 

Urgent Matters & OOC Breaks


Kayuna Starbreeze have departed for something that require her imidiate attention. In the hour of her absence Nimora Moonray have been appointed to lead the foundation until such time as lady Starbreeze returns. 
OOC wise, I'm taking a break from wow. To focus on Diablo. The times I have been on wow I have just been distracted by friends and family wanting me to log on.
The officers, councilors are set to monitor and keep the guild together during this time. Should you have any issues, we kindly forward you to the captains. If you have other problems you are welcome to contact me on my mail, where as I can go on and help if its something urgent
Mail: Kayuna@live.se
Sadly this put my picture making on hold as well. Not motivated at all to do any art during this period, but I will have the updates out as soon as I get back to it. 


Diablo Diablo Diablo!

Yes I know, the title say it all xD

For those who want to contact me in game, I now have a battletag!
Only works in Diablo so far but will work on both Starcraft and World of Warcraft.
Pictures will be coming out soon, and be sure to check out AmourVores spot on Deviant to see the first page made of Kayuna and the Terrance!
That's all I wanted to say for now! Be well naughty ones!

May 2012 Information


*Coughs* I know I've not published anything in a while now, been super lazy. Just been RPing and stuff. Though I have one picture drawn by Bradwells, the one who did the busty elf by the well! Aaaand! Sparrow have finally become free to do my commission I've been wanting for almost half a year now.

Going to be quite expensive, but I promise you. You will love it. :) Will be a three part picture, with some swelling and bulging. Just to keep you on edge! Still working on that art trade with AmourVore, not gone around to work much on it. Also doing a picture starring Nanako Uthstars draenei. It's turning out quite well, but I want to finish the picture for Amour first. 

Many may wonder how its going on the website front, and we're checking idea's and engines, nothing completely decided yet. And we still aim for having the project done by the end of this summer. September or August. Hrm, thats all I have for you today, just thought I'd fill you in!

Love Lady Starbreeze.



The Irontree Woods


On the other side of Felwood, the Druids have gathered once more to begin healing the Irontree Woods, the location of three dormant ancients whom will be awakened by a drought previously prepared by the Jade Gathering. This will not be an easy task though, as while the Druids work and the Soldiers at our battling the Hammer, another threat looms in close, one that will not be easily shunned aside.

Signed, Malvor Lashvine.
Event start Saturday 12nd of May 18:00 in Whisperwind Grove
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