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This is a Argent Dawn EU based roleplaying guild. In order to be able to browse the full extent of the content you require to have a user account.
Have fun!

The Social Hours will now become a reoccurring event, taking place at the Whisperwind Grove in Felwood every Sunday at 6pm Gametime! This is the perfect event for meeting up, getting to know one another. Bring your friends or come all by yourself, there is room for everyone! Players outside the Foundation are welcome to join as well!

Signed, Avellyn Starbreeze


October 2012 Information


Me and Pantalimo are working on a new skin for the forum. It's going to remain pink for the most of it, but it will look a lot more professional then what we are running with now. It's something I quickly edited and I'm not very proud of it. 
No release date as of yet but as soon as I'm confident to put a deadline I will! There's so much in Mists of Pandaria to do that I'm occupied in game a lot. Also working on new idea's for the guild, as in events and story-lines. 
We will start our first event for Mists next weekend the 20th October if things go according to plan.
Best wishes, Kayuna Starbreeze.

Beach Girl Kayuna Series: Tanaris

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Sixth picture from Damokt. This information is taken from his own update!



Beach Girl Kayuna poses again. This time at the ever so hot Tanaris beach!


Brewfest September 27th!

Celebrated by both the Horde and the Alliance, the Brewfest is a time to enjoy the fermented fruits of the harvest: pretzels, cheese, and booze! The competing breweries Thunderbrew, Barleybrew, and the Ogres, all come together outside of all the major cities in a bid to outdo each other with their special ales, meads, and beers. Brave adventurers are invited to sit back, take a pull, and sample the finest wares these brewers have to offer!
Development team at WoWHead.

Picture belongs to WoWHead.com
We of the Starbreeze Foundation wish you all a great oktoberfest with a one or more trinkets to start of your days in Pandaria, make sure to check WoWHead for detailed information over how to get these loots. The brewfest panda belongs to them aswell! Hope you are enjoying Mists of Pandaria and we hope to see you in-game! 
Best wishes, Kayuna Starbreeze.


New Feature. Adventure!

Greetings Foundaion!


I’m happy to announce that we will attempt a new feature for the website. Adventures! It will give the members that are interested in keeping a diary like corner of their previous endeavours. It’s there should you be interested in doing so, if you feel like keeping a little bit more tabs on what’s going on.

We are also notifying anyone willing to join our ranks as content writer. Take for example the news piece I did about the grove burning. Let’s say you happen to go out on a skirmish with a captain or the commander and something happens. For example one of the sentinels getting captured or injured. What we would like you to do is, either make an adventure of it, or make a news piece, typing it like a news reporter, the important facts. Now this won’t go out over the rest of the mundane tasks. For example someone gets a sprained ankle around the grove, or someone falls into the moonwell.

This will help the foundation to show what we are up to, and what’s going on in the lives of many of its citizen, to make people interested in joining. We are going out with this to those interested. We won’t be forcing people to do it if it’s not something they are genuinely interested in.


Best wishes.
Kayuna N. Starbreeze.


Beach Girl Kayuna Series: Ashenvale

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Fifth picture from Damokt. This information is taken from his own update!



It's Beach Girl Kayuna time!
Tell me what at what beach she should show off next!


Disaster! Spire Set A Blaze

Sometime during the night of the 22nd September, a demon hunter is seen in the grove. At first he only seemed interesting with speaking to the lady of the grove. Though being concerned Kayuna keep a steady eye on him. It results in him appearing behind her and grasping her neck.

Captain Moonray intervenes and holds the fallen one at bay long enough for the lady to rush out and get help. After a tug of war inside the lady’s chamber, the captains suffer some mild injuries over his hands.  

Mere moments later, Kayuna arrive with the aid of one of the druid elders, Staghorn, from Darnassus and assists in driving the demon hunter away. With a lash of the blazing fel swords, Cirdale gets cut over the back, no deep wounds, but enough to put him in bed for a day or two.

The elder manage to keep the man in the spire, making a daring escape and manage to get both the captain and lady to safety, resulting in the demon to burst into flames by anger, torching the top of the spire. Kayuna’s talon guards quickly intercept the flames by channeling a vicious storm to quell the flames. The damage is excessive but easy to fix due to the timely intervening of the druids.

Rebuilding is underway, only a name is left from this incident. “Wrath”. Kayuna calls for a council summit, at the charred remains of the chamber no trace is left of the felspawn.


 Signed Calissea Dawnrunner intelligence agent of the Starbreeze Foundation.


Forum Maintenance 19th September

Hey Foundation members!

Today around 20:00 the forum will go down until 03:00 at midnight.
The reason is because I'm running a server upgrade, boosting it from 1.8 to 2.2

You won’t be able to access the forum during this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


Kayuna Beach Girl Series: Stranglethorn

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Third picture from Damokt. This information is taken from his own update!



This busty, purple-assed beauty we all like and love will be showing of her gorgeous rack in various swim suits all around Azeroth.

I will try to make a new picture of this series every week.


Also added one more extra bonus picture which you can see here.


Theramore's Fall


The drums. That's always the first thing you'll notice when you fight the Horde. Their wardrums. For the past few days, the Drums of War have been sounding across Kalimdor's Dustwallow Marsh. The rythmic beats creating a haunting, eerie atmosphere that even makes the predatorial crocolisks tread with care. A bigger, stronger predator is lurking now. And it's name is War.
The city of Theramore is under siege. The Horde has set it's sights on the Human stronghold in Kalimdor, their only desire to purge it from existence. We will ride to war. We will face the Horde and we will stop them from taking Theramore. This is war battle sisters, do not give them pause. With the godess as your shield, drive a spear through these green skinned vermin!
Signed, Miesha Domare of the Starbreeze Foundation.


The Starbreeze Foundation will assist in trying to prevent the fall of Theramore.

With Kayuna Starbreeze currently absent from the Foundation, Nimora Moonray send down what ever forces Whisperwind Grove can muster in order to protect the army of humans clinging to this sea side harbor. With the vast number of horde ships and orcs mustered by the warchief Garrosh Hellscream, what hope is there to hold the line?

In a last defense, Starbreeze Foundation will gather up by the foot hill of Theramore and hold the ground for as long as possible, to secure villagers and civilians.


The event will start at 18:00 on Saturday the 22nd September!


Maintenance 05 September


Good evening everyone!

I'd just want to toss out a warning that the website might be a little unstable from 13:00 - 17:00 on this wednesday. The reason is, I'm updating the core engine, as well as some of the modules. Some of you may experience some downtime and error messages during this. 

It -should- be working as normal, but you may encounter bumps, and it might re-roll back at some point. This will only affect the website, so unless you comment on something you'll be fine. Or try to edit your profile. You may have to do it again in case there is a roll back.

Should be working better after the update, noticeable faster and upcoming tweaks will be noted further down the line!

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!
Best wishes, Kayuna Starbreeze.


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