Welcome to the Starbreeze Foundation!

This is a Argent Dawn EU based roleplaying guild. In order to be able to browse the full extent of the content you require to have a user account.
Have fun!

The Social Hours will now become a reoccurring event, taking place at the Whisperwind Grove in Felwood every Sunday at 6pm Gametime! This is the perfect event for meeting up, getting to know one another. Bring your friends or come all by yourself, there is room for everyone! Players outside the Foundation are welcome to join as well!

Signed, Avellyn Starbreeze



Councilor Kayandre of the Starbreeze Foundation has been taken prisoner by the Orcs of Silverwing Refuge!

After an assault by Foundation forces on the outpost on the evening of the second day of the seventh month, it is believed that Kayandre was overwhelmed by Orc defenders and rendered unconcious before being taken. She was believed to have been causing a distraction while her forces assaulted the camp, but was unable to escape once discovered. 

To the Molten Front!

Ragnaros threatens Hyjal again! New portals into the Firelands have appeared and through them, he sends legions of his minions to burn all n their path, even Nordrassil, our world tree!


After hearing rumors about a certain woman dabbling in the demonic arts, the Foundation has banded together some muscle and brainpower. This in order to create a force which will hopefully be able to stop the evil warlock Micil from further tainting the lands with her demonic power and rampaging demons. Stopping her can mean getting one step closer to stopping the corruption of the forests and perhaps even a possible invasion of the Legion!

The assault will take place on:

Friday, the 3rd of June on 20:00 server time.

Recruiting Day!

Its something I plan on starting to do at least once a moth, possibly once every weekend. Its for new members to be initialized into the guild. Get greeted and have the chance to get brought into the guild.

Event start:

Sunday - 14:00 server time.


Recruiting Officers!

We're currently trying to get new experienced officers to lead and arrange events and raids.

Things we look for in new aspirants.

    ✠ Good English and grammar
    ✠ The ability to lead
    ✠ Be calm and reasonable

We hope to see you in game!



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Trolls, In my grove?!

Rastakhan, King of all Trolls, is on the war path.

The ancient Witch doctor, lore keeper and leader of the Zalandar tribe of Trolls, has sent emissaries to every Troll tribe on Azeroth, seeking to unite them and rebuild the Trolls ancient empire!

The Gurubashi and Amani trolls have already fallen in line and have begun to re-build their age old fortresses, reform their armies and bring their dark magics upon us.

A Whisper on the Wind


It were a quiet afternoon, the young druid sat on the bench looking out over the grove. A soft breeze rolling in over the mountains of Winterspring catching her teal hair. Carefully a fairy dragon swoop in batting its wings near her left ear and she turn her face with a warm smile lingering over her bright pink lips. Further down by the tent stood Calec arguing with his sister over what tactics to use in the coming defence of the settlement. She were the leader now, she were in charge of everything. Perhaps to young for such responsibility. A broad worgen warrior clad in thick plate wanders up to her. "We are prepared for you now, lady Starbreeze." Bowing his head slowly, the elf nod. She glides of the bench, her feet sinking down into the fresh batch of soft green grass and begin wandering towards the gathering. Each step as graceful as the next placing one foot in front of the other swaying her female form. Dressed in the finest of silk. She moves a hand up in front of her mouth and clears her voice... And so it begins.


Operation Surwich


A remote community by the coast of Blasted Lands. With Kayuna's affiliation with Cenarion Circle, her superiors have expressed concerns regarding the worgen settlement. Apparently a worgen druid by the name Marl Wormthorn have conducted a trial to cleanse the worn lands. Despite the valiant attempt the area ultimately got corrupted, fel creatures roaming the land and the cursed tree still keeping its master in deep sleep. Tainted by the twisted dream Marl is a threat to the entire region. Bringing this up with her own faction, the young druidess sends down a group of people to secure, and render aid to the villagers. And to put an end to this tragic story. With an Cenarion Observer already in place the Starbreeze Foundation send their best to quell this uprising.


Welcome to the Starbreeze Foundation

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