Trolls, In my grove?!

Rastakhan, King of all Trolls, is on the war path.

The ancient Witch doctor, lore keeper and leader of the Zalandar tribe of Trolls, has sent emissaries to every Troll tribe on Azeroth, seeking to unite them and rebuild the Trolls ancient empire!

The Gurubashi and Amani trolls have already fallen in line and have begun to re-build their age old fortresses, reform their armies and bring their dark magics upon us.

As luck would have it, Vol'jin of the Darkspear already moves against the Amani and Gurubashi. However, we have too long ignored the local Shatterspear Trolls that have begun assaulting Elven territories in Darkshore.

Rally to Whisperwind Grove on the 2nd of fifth month so that we might rout these Trolls!