A Whisper on the Wind


It were a quiet afternoon, the young druid sat on the bench looking out over the grove. A soft breeze rolling in over the mountains of Winterspring catching her teal hair. Carefully a fairy dragon swoop in batting its wings near her left ear and she turn her face with a warm smile lingering over her bright pink lips. Further down by the tent stood Calec arguing with his sister over what tactics to use in the coming defence of the settlement. She were the leader now, she were in charge of everything. Perhaps to young for such responsibility. A broad worgen warrior clad in thick plate wanders up to her. "We are prepared for you now, lady Starbreeze." Bowing his head slowly, the elf nod. She glides of the bench, her feet sinking down into the fresh batch of soft green grass and begin wandering towards the gathering. Each step as graceful as the next placing one foot in front of the other swaying her female form. Dressed in the finest of silk. She moves a hand up in front of her mouth and clears her voice... And so it begins.