The Starbreeze Foundation were created in the aftermath of the horrified events left in the wake of the destroyer, Deathwing. Kayuna Starbreeze gathered together a small band of elves she trusted, resulting in the first council. Sylinde, Seriadne and Kayandre were the original council members, due to different perspective in each of the individuals lives two ended up leaving. The only one of original seat is Kayandre. The goal of Starbreeze Foundation were to give everyone a place to stay for those who lost their home. However, it expanded past that, and grew as a society. Later on a branch of military aligned soldiers toke root and they started to extend their help beyond what the originally decided to do. As a druid and former advisor of the Cenarion Circle, Kayuna toke up minor missions the Circle did not have time to achieve or finish. Starting as mundane tasks at first it later led to the cleansing of Surwich. Taking missions from other factions as well, the population and military structure expanded rapidly.


  1. You are allowed to be in Goldshire and Elwynn in general. You are not allowed to be caught roleplaying, erotic or otherwise, in Goldshire. If you are caught doing this via a screenshot or by a Councilor, you will be given ONE warning.
    Next time you break this rule, you will be banned.
    All screenshots and issues of rulebreakers should be forwarded to Sylinde/Lythiane. Should she not be available, send her an in-game mail with a link to the screenshot(s) and a quick note about date and time plus player's main (if applicable.)
  2. Treat people the way you want to be treated, this goes mainly for other members no spying or harassing, but also normal players. Setting a good impression for the guild is always appreciated.
  3. If you feel the need to do erotics, do so in private chat. Whispers or party. Blizzard do not approve of it, neither do we. We prefer caution and it would not serve the guild.
  4. If you have been gone from the game on both your main and alts for more then 2 months without notifying you are going on a break, your character(s) will be removed from the guild, please read the rules for activity here.
  5. Naming policy, we do not allow names that hint towards sexual meaning or otherwise offensive towards other players. Examples can be as followed:
    Sadist, Cumslut, Whimpwhore, Toiletmouth, Pissgore, Lolibear


Serve and Protect

I swear, by my life and by my honour, to protect and serve the people of the Starbreeze Foundation.
I swear by all that have come before me, to obey the Lady Kayuna's will, be it by her word, or through her Councilors.
I submit myself to the abide by any rules or laws the Foundation maintains or brings in. If I break these, I shall accept my punishment.
These words I hold sacred, until I am relieved from my duty, through the Lady, or by death's hand.

The Sentinel Oath.
Written by Kayandre


The Ranks of the Foundation

First things first, so I figure we start at the top. The Lady Kayuna Starbreeze, the leader of the Starbreeze Foundation. She started it as an effort to do the work druids should be doing. Cleansing the land, restoring balance. She knew it wouldn't be easy though, so she needed help.


Recruitment Champions

This system is very similar to the 'Recruit a Friend' system Blizzard use. Should you see an unguilded role player that seems like they would be an asset to the guild (I.E good at role play + friendly), approach them and try to strike up some role play. Learn about them and see what they are looking for. If possible, tell them about the foundation and what we hope to achieve!


Character Creation

Members of the foundation are now allowed to create a biography of their character. Here they can add appearance, their life story where they were raised and more.

Your characters name goes in Title.


Contact Information

The best way is to reach one of the officers online. Either Kayuna, Buffie, Kayandre, Vashnu or Shindrah. E-mail adresses.