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Author Topic: The Eye of Eternity and the Obsidian Sanctum  (Read 5644 times)


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The Eye of Eternity and the Obsidian Sanctum
« on: February 04, 2012, 10:13:11 AM »
We will delve into the lairs of dragons in order to seek out artifacts of power and prestige. Lord Malygos, the charge of the Blue Dragonflight, has given in to madness and seek to tear Azeroth apart much like his brother Deathwing. We will crush his attempt and use the magical treasures in his possession to fight his brother.

The Obsidian Sanctum is a part of Wyrmrest Temple. Wyrmrest Temple is a holy site for Dragons, but the Black Dragonflight has betrayed their brethren. We will investigate their Obsidian Sanctum on the behest of Alexstrasza the Dragon Queen, and we are entitled to any treasure we might find inside.

Come prepared, as we seek to glorify the Foundation here. Our achievements will be heard wide and far.

That means we need to kill Malygos in 3 minutes or wipe it until we manage to get it right. The KEY to this will be the third phase, we need to manage the "stacks" that will deal most of the damage against him. We got no time to dawdle with other achievements on this boss, and I would like everyone to do the daily quest outside the Eye of Eternity to learn sort of how to control the dragon you'll be piloting in Malygos' third phase.

in Obsidian Sanctum we just need to nuke the boss without killing any of his miniboss adds before we attack him. We still need to clear the trash packs though, so we need to run around the instance without killing the minibosses. Easy peasy.

WE need to kill Malygos in 3 minutes or less, but here's a video of people taking him down in 6 minutes back in the WotLK days. We got more then five times that DPS, so don't slack on this:
        You Don't Have An Eternity - Malygos 6 min kill
      - YouTube