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Author Topic: Chapter one: Surwich  (Read 3506 times)


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Chapter one: Surwich
« on: December 31, 2010, 09:52:35 PM »

A remote community by the coast of Blasted Lands. With Kayuna's affiliation with Cenarion Circle, her superiors have expressed concerns regarding the worgen settlement. Apparently a  worgen druid by the name Marl Wormthorn have conducted a trial to cleanse the worn lands. Despite the valiant attempt the area ultimately got corrupted, fel creatures roaming the land and the cursed tree still keeping its master in deep sleep.

Tainted by the twisted dream Marl is a threat to the entire region. Bringing this up with her own faction, the young druidess sends down a group of people to secure, and render aid to the villagers. And to put an end to this tragic story. With an Cenarion Observer already in place the Starbreeze Foundation send their best to quell this uprising.
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