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Author Topic: Commission List and Projects!  (Read 6534 times)


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Commission List and Projects!
« on: October 24, 2012, 08:46:18 PM »
Hope you all are prepped for Halloween, I'd thought I would give you a small idea of whats coming. First of all you'll be getting a Halloween special, nothing complicated or super dirty, just the regular Kayuna pinup. After that I have promised Rosethorn a commission for her and one of her lovers. Were commissioned before Mists of Pandaria and I've been so caught up in the game I haven't been in the mood to draw.
Thirdly, you'll get my mage doing some unspeakable things to them blood elves, since.. Lets be honest, they had it coming. Purple is going to get a special treat for the animations she made, not going to spoil the surprise anymore then that! And lastly, there's a secret project I'm going to do. Which will remain hidden until it's done. Nothing very naughty or so.. Won't go into detail until its released.
So! Let's make a list!
  • Halloween Picture
  • Commission for Rose
  • Purple's Reward
  • Dirty Mage Mischievous
  • Secret Thing!

That's whats waiting for you naughty bunch! Stay tuned.
Love, Lady Starbreeze.