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Author Topic: Disaster! Spire Set A Blaze  (Read 2260 times)


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Disaster! Spire Set A Blaze
« on: September 21, 2012, 06:14:45 PM »

Sometime during the night of the 22nd September, a demon hunter is seen in the grove. At first he only seemed interesting with speaking to the lady of the grove. Though being concerned Kayuna keep a steady eye on him. It results in him appearing behind her and grasping her neck.

Captain Moonray intervenes and holds the fallen one at bay long enough for the lady to rush out and get help. After a tug of war inside the lady’s chamber, the captains suffer some mild injuries over his hands. 

Mere moments later, Kayuna arrive with the aid of one of the druid elders, Staghorn, from Darnassus and assists in driving the demon hunter away. With a lash of the blazing fel swords, Cirdale gets cut over the back, no deep wounds, but enough to put him in bed for a day or two.

The elder manage to keep the man in the spire, making a daring escape and manage to get both the captain and lady to safety, resulting in the demon to burst into flames by anger, torching the top of the spire. Kayuna’s talon guards quickly intercept the flames by channeling a vicious storm to quell the flames. The damage is excessive but easy to fix due to the timely intervening of the druids.

Rebuilding is underway, only a name is left from this incident. “Wrath”. Kayuna calls for a council summit, at the charred remains of the chamber no trace is left of the felspawn.

Signed Calissea Dawnrunner intelligence agent of the Starbreeze Foundation.
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