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Author Topic: Some Updates for January 2012!  (Read 2618 times)


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Some Updates for January 2012!
« on: January 03, 2012, 07:51:48 PM »
I hope you guys have had a great start of this year, and I'm going to share a few projects that we're running. First of, me and some of the staff have gone over members that's been gone for more then two months. I originally didn't want the guild to kick people because of inactivity, but as one stated, it gives of false advertising if we have 150 members where as 10-15 are active. Don't worry! We will not be kicking alts that's been gone for a that amount of time. We will however flush out a few that's been gone without notifying why. There will be a rule made later on to explain how this will work.
Secondly, I'm playing with the idea of changing the name of the guild to something more fitting. Right now I'm thinking of changing it to something with Grove, since we mostly work around Whisperwind. I've spoke to a few about it, and I'm leaning towards Skywing Grove. Since Kayuna's family is druids of the talon. That way we can keep the tabard too. I will also launch a new website with this guild and before I do, I will make sure to keep all your account information safe (yay). As for now I'm not sure if I will make a more elaborate locking mechanism for the pictures or make a separate website for them. This is a long way down the road though, just thought I'd give you a heads up!
Thirdly, pictures! Yes, I know I've been super slow lately, but I've been lacking motivation, and the website just hit 100 000 hits which will be rewarded with a naughty treat. Also, there will be a second follow up on pregnant Kayuna, it will be up tomorrow when I get home from work, Zdemian, being the one drawing it \o/. There will be a short series of three pictures but those will probably be prolonged until February or May. There's also a picture witchking will be making so worry not my little darlings, more art are to be had!
That's all for now, be sure to behave and lady Starbreeze will reward you!
 - Best wishes, Kayuna Starbreeze.