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Title: Departing
Post by: Kayuna on September 15, 2011, 04:18:27 PM
I'd like to start with saying thank you, to everyone who's stood by me when I created the guild and helped me mold it into what it is today and its current members. I would not been able to do this alone and I'm forever grateful for your help.

On to the purpose of the post. I'm taking a break, some of you already know this, some don't. I've had  a lot to do with real life and trying to sync it with my game play. Some of my friends have started to get a little annoyed at me. Secondly, I've lost the drive to role-play, due to some personal indifference with something in game.

Don't worry I will be back, and its rather known I take breaks. Last time I did, however the guild lost 40% of its core members, and I hope this will not happen with my second departure. I'm not saying you have to stay, I just hope you aren't doing it soley because I'm in it. I'm leaving the council, a set of great leaders who will keep check on the guild. They are among the founding members and some of my closest friends, listen to them and treat them will respect.

Ranks from associates and up have the right to invite new players, mainly because there have been lacking officers when there are those who wish to join the guild. The power to kick players remains with the councilors and me. I will keep checking the forum and e-mail for messages, so I will still be with you, just not ICly. Kayuna will be departing to the emerald dream to sleep until she gets back.

I hope you will keep letting the foundation burn bright, and when I return, help usher it into an even greater era.

Thank you for a great start, and I will see you all soon.

Signed, Kayuna N. Starbreeze.