The Grove was bustling with action. Ever since the Foundation chose this place as their base of operations, the place had been packed. Not to mention the army itself.
The Starbreeze Foundation built its roots around a central council and it's leader. It was named for the leader in question, Lady Kayuna Starbreeze. A young druid of some renown who didn't agree with the elders running the Circle. Having been travelling the world for some time, she had gained a good deal of friends, whom she one day summoned to form the Foundation.
The basic idea was a military organization that would do the work druids were meant to be doing. Healing the world. So taking up residence in the scar of Kalimdor, Felwood Forest was almost a given. The druids of Wisperwind Grove welcomed the extra coin and the considerable help a military organization could bring.
The Councilors where among Kayuna's closest friends, or the most loyal and intelligent of her members. They would voice their opinions about what they thought the Foundation needed, and aid in settling arguments between the Foundation's troops and members. And then there was the Keeper. Possibly the wisest of the wise, someone who shared in Kayuna's views of the elders lack of action and "need to do" attitude.
Kayuna looked out from her room in the Grove, watching her troops. She never figured herself to be much of a leader type, and so she treated her soldiers as friends, allies to be trusted and loved. She delegated the leadership to the Captains and Councilors who were fit for fighting. The Sentinels were drilled by Commander Kayandre, a councilwoman of admirable strength and stalwart as could be. She made sure the Sentinels knew the dangers of the wilds, and what they should do to survive.
The young Druids were taught by the Keeper and Kayuna herself, and often joined the Sentinels in military drills so that they knew what would be expected of them in times of war, or during operations out into the wilds. The finest of the Sentinels and Druids would be promoted to Honor Guards, tasked with defending the leadership of the Foundation.
Then of course there was the ever present "city" that follows an army. A war effort always had a plethora of people following them. Stable hands, smiths, builders, people of all kinds who are attracted by the lure of money to work even in the most hostile of environments. Associates and contributors of the Foundation. People who follows the army in hopes of prosperity. And of course aspiring Initiates who desires to join the army and train hard day and night.
Kayuna smiled. Though it seemed chaotic, there was always an order of balance to it all. The Grove needed aid from the Foundation, and the Foundation needed a shelter from the hostile environment. Healing the forest could take a long time, and  the demons where always lurking in this moon-forsaken place. But Kayuna was determined to heal the scars of her people, the elders could argue on all they wanted for what she cared. This had to be done, and she would see it through.

Written by Sylinde