Veiled in Shadows


The mist laid heavily on the swamp... Quiet and dark with the soft sound of the night type creatures orchestra the black scenery. Something stirred further up the road, a stumbling limping figure dragged its leg along the thick mud. The form eventually taking that of a short elven woman with an arrow wound on her thigh.

"Hng.. I.. I hope I lost her.."

The red head muttered disappearing into the fog. Back at the edge leading into the swamp a tall elven woman crouched down, pressing her bow against the soil. The mist swirled around her feet and palms as she had put a halt to her pursuit. Two silver shimmering eyes lights up her dark face covered in her hood while staring straight into the pathway her victim had stumble a head. She uttered something in darnassian before pushing herself of the ground.

Rushing forward in a near silent approach, the only noises that gives the huntress away is the low rattling of her mithril laced armor. With a sudden leap she lunges herself up on a large rock in the middle of the swamp and her glimmering eyes scan the area carefully, catching a the sight of something stirring the mist far ahead. A faint grin makes itself apearent on the woman's face, baring her sharp corner teeth. 
"There you are..." 
She ready her bow and place a fresh arrow onto the string, dragging it back slowly with her eyes narrowing. A swish follow as the arrow plunges its way forward through the night sky and a thudd from where the movements could be seen. A shriek in pain cause a pair of crows the flee from a tree and the smirk on the elven lips turn into a wide grin. She kneels down and leaps down from the rock, picking up the pace. Apon reaching the wounded blood elf that is struggling to get back up on her legs, the tall woman press a foot down onto her back and force the elf back into the mud with a loud grunt.
"I believe you have something of mine..."
The night elf utters rather bluntly, grinding her heel into the back of the woman, pushing her further into the mudd. The red head shake her head quickly, squirming under the much stronger elf. Narrowing her eyes, Amylin move downwards, ramming her knee onto the upper part of the blood elves back and she leans her head down, snarling faintly with her teeth baring. Her hand move down to clutch a fair bit of the womans crimson locks and tugs her head back.
"The locket. Or your life, filth."
Extending her talon like gauntlet fingers she rake the sharp tips against the scalp, with her nose wrinkling in annoyance. She leans further down to the woman and speaks in a much lower tone, almost hissing.
"Unless I take something else..."
As she finish her sentence she extends her tongue, dragging it slowly from the earlobe all the way to the ear tip, clearly enjoying the thrill of success. Her knee pushing further against the back, having the blood elf's body sink deeper into the mudd, her eyebrows raising in a state of panic. 

To be continued...