Urgent Matters & OOC Breaks


Kayuna Starbreeze have departed for something that require her imidiate attention. In the hour of her absence Nimora Moonray have been appointed to lead the foundation until such time as lady Starbreeze returns. 
OOC wise, I'm taking a break from wow. To focus on Diablo. The times I have been on wow I have just been distracted by friends and family wanting me to log on.
The officers, councilors are set to monitor and keep the guild together during this time. Should you have any issues, we kindly forward you to the captains. If you have other problems you are welcome to contact me on my mail, where as I can go on and help if its something urgent
Mail: Kayuna@live.se
Sadly this put my picture making on hold as well. Not motivated at all to do any art during this period, but I will have the updates out as soon as I get back to it.