Theramore's Fall


The drums. That's always the first thing you'll notice when you fight the Horde. Their wardrums. For the past few days, the Drums of War have been sounding across Kalimdor's Dustwallow Marsh. The rythmic beats creating a haunting, eerie atmosphere that even makes the predatorial crocolisks tread with care. A bigger, stronger predator is lurking now. And it's name is War.
The city of Theramore is under siege. The Horde has set it's sights on the Human stronghold in Kalimdor, their only desire to purge it from existence. We will ride to war. We will face the Horde and we will stop them from taking Theramore. This is war battle sisters, do not give them pause. With the godess as your shield, drive a spear through these green skinned vermin!
Signed, Miesha Domare of the Starbreeze Foundation.


The Starbreeze Foundation will assist in trying to prevent the fall of Theramore.

With Kayuna Starbreeze currently absent from the Foundation, Nimora Moonray send down what ever forces Whisperwind Grove can muster in order to protect the army of humans clinging to this sea side harbor. With the vast number of horde ships and orcs mustered by the warchief Garrosh Hellscream, what hope is there to hold the line?

In a last defense, Starbreeze Foundation will gather up by the foot hill of Theramore and hold the ground for as long as possible, to secure villagers and civilians.


The event will start at 18:00 on Saturday the 22nd September!