The Starbreeze RP System





The guildmaster is the watching eye, the mastermind. It is the guildmasters guild, hence any orders given are to be obeyed if the guildmaster isn't pleased with the way the guild is working.

Raid Councilor:

Raid councilor is the same as the guildmaster, but on a smaller scale, and oriented around the raiding aspect of the guild. The Raid councilor makes up raiding scheduals, decides when, where, and how the raiding is going to be done. The guild master of raiders, one could say. The Raid councilor does NOT have to be the same thing as Raid Leader, even though that may be the case at times.

Roleplay Councilor:

This is the man behind the mask during RP events. A person whom is -very- good with the lore, and is able to create well written world emotes for immersion. This person will sadly not be able to fully attend the events with their own character, as the main task is to create a stable flow of major events. As to create more life in these events, the Roleplay councilor will emote so called 'world emotes' in the /Raidwarning channel. They could perhaps emote that a group of imps rush up to the group, and mark the imps location with the raid functions availible (flares). He would emote their attacks, the the members would in return /roll. If you roll under 50, you will be attacked. The lower 50 you get, the more severe the damage. If you roll over 50, you will be able to dodge the attack, the higher number the more heroic the dodge.

Depending on how dangerous the imaginary foe is, the Roleplay councilor can set his own system for other rolls. But the 50/50 should always be the core rule of all fights, unless otherwise is stated.

The Roleplay councilor may as well write less dramatic world emotes, such as describing the surrounding environment more detailed, perhaps the plants or the weather.

He may also whisper individual members with emotes if the event itself calls for it. Per say, if an area is haunted, a member could recieve whispers such as; "*You begin to feel naucious, a bulting migraine slowly growing in your head as various images of Rebecca Black pop up in your mind.*"

It is very important that this rank is taken by an experienced and active roleplayer.

Raid Officers:

Raid officers are experiences raiders willing to lead the raid if the time calls for it. These should preferably be of various classes, setting examples for the other members with the same class. They should be able to help other members out with specs and other ways to perform better.

Roleplay Officers:

Various officers serving In Character roles, such as Sentinel Captain, Shan'do/Arch Druid, High Priestess, Magister, Diplomat. This rank has a lot of possebilities.

Note About Officers!

All officers, whether roleplay or raid, has the duty of keeping a watching eye over the guildchat. If conflicts arise, the officers should be there to sort it out. If someone if misbehaving in the guildchat (Vulgar language, Harrassment, etc.) the officers will be able to demote the members to an Exile rank. More about this rank later. The officers can not kick members.


These characters put on their robes and wizard hats, venturing out into the deep depths of Azeroth to spread joy and glitter across the land!


There players are not in the guild for RP. While they are of course welcome to RP when they feel like it, it is not their main role. Raiders should always respect the RP community.


This is pretty much the corner of shame, where you get thrown after misbehaving in the guildchat. If you break any rules, an officer can demote you to this mute rank until the appropriate councilor comes on to decide what to do. Whether you get kicked or not, this is not a rank you'll want.


Welcome to the Foundation! This rank pretty much speaks for itself.