In Search of the Flame

We're heading down to discuss and negotiate with Western Flame. We will be requiring 2 sentinels and one captain at the least followed with one or two druids. Others are welcome to join.

We meet up at Whisperwind

Event starts Saturday, 07th January in Felwood around 20:00

Completed Event - Story below

On Saturday evening, the foundation set out to negotiate with Western Flame. Upon reaching their settlement they found it deserted. The where about of the people are yet to be discovered. The most likely thing is that they were out on a march.

After sending her scouts to search the land by sky, lady Starbreeze later found a group of mixed elves taking shelter in a cave near the wailing caverns. Accepting to stay for the night, the sentinels settled down even though they appeared a little restless at first. The group went under the name, the Emerald Family, and would appear that they seem interested in a alliance between their group and the Grove of Whisperwind. Speaking to two of their representatives, Kayuna agree on a meeting on neutral soil so settle an agreement on what may benefit both parties.