Rule of Inactivity

This rule is meant to keep our guild more active. It is not meant to punish people for taking a break from WoW, though.

A member of the Starbreeze Foundation (hereby known as "the guild") is allowed to have as many alts as he or she wishes, within the guild or anywhere else. Should they be in the guild, this needs to be mentioned in the alt's officer note. There can only be one "main character" per player (or account, if you wish) at all times.

Should a member's main character be inactive for more then two months, he or she will have their main demoted to an alt, and their most recently active alt will become their new main character.

However, should a main character be inactive for more then two months and no alts exist within the guild (or said alts have been offline for a longer timeperiod then the main), then that member's character(s) will be kicked for inactivity unless they have notified an officer, See below.

A member may take a break from world of warcraft, or just from the guild, for any reason. We will not ask why or how long. Should a member opt to take a break, notify an officer about your intention and your officer note will be updated with an "on break" status, reminding all officers that this main is not to be kicked or demoted to alt status.

If there are any questions about this rule due to it being incomprehensible in any way, please ask me (Sylinde) if I am online, or send me an in-game mail should I be offline.