Reinstating an old rule!

For Goldshire, with a couple of new points so do not fret!

Firstly, you are allowed to be in Goldshire and Elwynn in general. You are not allowed to be caught roleplaying, erotic or otherwise, in Goldshire. If you are caught doing this via a screenshot or by a Councilor, you will be given ONE warning.

Next time you break this rule, you will be banned.

All screenshots and issues of rulebreakers should be forwarded to Sylinde/Lythiane. Should she not be available, send her an in-game mail with a link to the screenshot(s) and a quick note about date and time plus player's main (if applicable.)


Added note:

Also, I personally will not tolerate people trying to trick me into banning others by abusing this rule. Should you be found the perpetrator instead of the informant, I will give YOU a warning instead.

-Love, Sylinde