Recruitment Champions


This system is very similar to the 'Recruit a Friend' system Blizzard use. Should you see an unguilded role player that seems like they would be an asset to the guild (I.E good at role play + friendly), approach them and try to strike up some role play. Learn about them and see what they are looking for. If possible, tell them about the foundation and what we hope to achieve!

If they seem interested, give their name to an officer. The officer will then take note of your name and the possible recruit. The recruit will be given an interview and if the officer feels then will be invited (Standard interview rules apply).

Should the new recruit prove to be nice enough person, they'll be promoted from initiate rank and your service to the guild will be noted through a reward!

Now! I encourage you to ask questions about this if your unsure but heres some Frequently asked questions:

Q: What kind of reward will we receive for recommending someone?

A: The rewards have yet to be fully agreed upon. However possible rewards in question are gold, items from the guild bank and or prestiege (I.E, we'll note your service to the guild and consider it in your favor for promotions.). You can also feel more apart of the guild as you help breathe new life into it and further our plans, of world domination.

Q: How many people can I recommend at once?

A: While theres no offical cap on the amount of people you can recruit, we ask you to be reasonable. We all know you want to help the guild but flooding it with potential members is usually a bad way to go, seeing as we don't have enough officers to keep an eye on you all as is! Invite with care!

Q: What if the person doesn't pass the initiate rank? Will I get in trouble?

A: Not at all. We know that sometimes people can appear nice and turn out to be right poops. If they aren't promoted you'll receive no reward for recommending them, but you won't be punished at all.

Q: Can officers use this system?

A: Not exactly. Officers already enjoy a wider access to the guild bank and such, they also have the perk of saying "I am an officer.". Officers should already be actively recruiting and should feel that their posistion and benifits should be reward enough.