Rank System


First things always go first, so I figure we start at the top. The Lady is the rank reserved for Kayuna Starbreeze, the leader of the Starbreeze Foundation. She started the Foundation as an effort to do the work druids should be doing. Cleansing the land, restoring balance. She knew it wouldn't be easy though, so she needed help.
The Councilors are Kayuna's trusted advisors, friends and/or skilled members of the Foundation, who aid her in her endeavours. The number of Councilors grow and diminish as time passes, but one thing remains. They are always there to help the Foundation grow and prosper.
Next up are the Vanguards, the officers of the Councilors. The Vanguards serve many roles, but are mainly divided into four groups. The Keepers are there for our youngest members, always willing to aid them with what they need. The Marauders lead our Raiders. The Captains lead the Sentinels, Druids and Companions in quests of their own design or from the Councilors or maybe even The Lady herself. The Honor Guard are honorable warriors of the Foundation, long-standing champions of the cause who have earned the right to govern and watch the members meticously to weed out insubordination.
Following these are the back-bone of the Foundation. Three ranks, separate and different as can be, make up the Core of the Foundation.
Sentinels are the military strength, the soldiers of the Foundation. It is the Foundation's private army and they are constantly training themselves to be better.
Druids are just that. Capable guardians of nature's balance who agree with Kayuna's vision to cleanse the land of corruption.
Raiders are the guild's mercenaries. They are tasked with retrieving valuable artifacts from the deepest dungeons of Azeroth, and also serve as powerful shock troops. Marauders and Raiders have their own set of rules to follow and operate partially outside of Foundation command.
A strong military force requires a strong support. The Starbreeze Foundation find a lot of support, gaining Companions who are eager to aid us every way they can, as well as Civilians from Whisperwind Grove and other places who have migrated to the Foundation because they believe in what we stand for.
Then of course there are the Initiates. People who desire to see what everything is about, aspire to become a Sentinel or Druid or maybe even a mercenary Raider, or just keenly interrested in helping out. Initiates have to earn their place within the Foundation, upon which promotions are open, plenty of them.
I have written down this in the hope that it might help clear up some confusion should there be any, among the members, regarding what each rank means. Also, should you desire to rise within the ranks, it is best you know what is required of you. May these words be of aid.
Signed, Sylinde
Councilor of the Starbreeze Foundation.

OOCly, a quick rundown of the ranks:

The Lady:
The Guild Leader.
Upper circle of guild leadership.
 Social taskmasters, need to make sure everyone feel at home within the guild.
 Roleplay officers. These officers will aid a councilor (or several) with storylines and plots.
 Raid officers. These officers will lead raids.
-Honor Guard
 Guild officers. These officers will keep a watch in the guild and make sure nobody steps over the line or breaks the rules. All the other subranks of Vanguard have this obligation too in addition to their other roles.
Important note: All Officers respond to the commands of any and all councilors, there are no "cliques" here.
 Roleplay-wise the military might of the Foundation.
 Roleplay-wise the druids who follow Kayuna's ideals.
 As the rank says, these are members who are in it for the raiding.
 This is the rank for mains who have not yet been promoted further.
 This is the rank for alts.
 This is the rank for newly invited members. Trial period of 1-2 weeks, all depending.