Questions & Answers

Q: What is the Starbreeze Foundation?

A: Starbreeze Foundation serves Kayuna Starbreeze. She built the foundation from the bottom up along with long trusted friends, allies and family with the purpose of making a name for herself. As a victim of her plans, she chose Felwood. She now desires to cleanse the lands of Kalimdor from all influences that disrupt the balance of nature, be they Demonic, Elemental or anything else.

We're mainly roleplayers, a group of friends who share the idea that together we are stronger then separately. In the past we were thought to be just another "ERP guild", but we're doing our best to break that view. It's just old, rusty chains keeping us bolted down and preventing people from seeing us in a non-discriminating light. (Also if you don't know what ERP means, you're either too young to be here or should look it up and come back.)

Q: Do you take any class, race and level?

A: Yes, we do not shun death knights, draenei or worgens. Rather the opposite, trying the help them into the new world, finding use for their talents. Theres has never been a level requirement, and probably never will be because we are roleplayers first and foremost.

Q: But theres a lot of dirty picture on this website, do they hold a connection to the guild?

A: Only in the sense that this is Kayuna's past. In her younger days she was a cheerful, maybe reckless girl and her past is something that cannot be undone. Nor does she desire that, the experiences made her stronger as a night elf. The problem lies with everyone assuming Kayuna is still like that and never giving her a chance to prove them wrong.

Q: What would be expected of me?

A: Be friendly, be active (according to our rules), join our events if you can. Real life always takes priority and we're never aiming to force anyone to do stuff, so you are free to go about your business as you like, just follow our rules and don't make the Foundation look bad. If you do, Sylinde has a large hammer that says "Ban and Snuff" on it. She's the only hunter who can wield a giant friggin' mace, you are officially warned. *smile*