Nimora Velendis Moonray


Server: Argent Dawn
Race: Kaldorei
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight



At a first approach of this Night Elf you get a feeling of calm and serenity. Though she are several millennia old, you can barely notice it. Her pristine deep purple skin are covered in fine silk, smooth delicate golden textures weave along her gown in various symbols.

As your eyes wander along her body, you will notice she's quite well shaped. Her ample voluptuous form fills out her dress, which might spark an alluring attraction. White silken hair roll down along her shoulders which serve to covering some of her upper bust line while the rest go down to halt at her rounded bottom. Her scent is almost always coated in wild flowers and elven perfume.


At the first look, you will immediately assume she's rather cold. Her speech is very clear, almost a bit spoiled, and her cold white eyes shimmer with a frozen look.


Nimora was born in Ashenvale, before its corruption. She lived a happy life and long life with her beloved Faldian Moonray. They had a son, they named Cirdale, who quickly grew to become a handsome warrior. However this were not to last. When the legion returned she lost her husband by the hands on the legion trying to fend of the unending waves of demons. She were pregnant with twins at the time, who would later be named Kiana and Sairus. Many of the Moonray family members were killed. That was 20 years ago. Even with this horrible past she still tends to those who need guidance and try to help as many she can.