To the Molten Front!

Ragnaros threatens Hyjal again! New portals into the Firelands have appeared and through them, he sends legions of his minions to burn all n their path, even Nordrassil, our world tree!

In response to this, The Arch Druid Malfurion Stormrage, along with fellow Arch Druid, Hamuul Runetotem, are rallying the champions of Azeroth to repel the Firelords minions and, for the time in Azerothian history, make a push into the Firelands, home of Ragnaros and his fire elementals.

Answering the call, the Starbreeze Foundation is preparing a strike force, to aid Malfurion's push into the Firelands and secure a foothold in the fiery realm. As such, the military forces will be split in two. Lead by Councilor Kayandre, the first force will join the Arch Druid's push into the Firelands, while a second force will remain on Kalimdor to defend the the Foundation's outposts. 

Interested in joining the push? Speak to councilor Kayandre!

Note: While you do not have to join the in-character force pushing into the Molten Front in order to go and do the dailies, raid etc, if you wish to go into the Firelands In-characterly, it is best to join the Foundation's forces. Also this event will not be on a schedualed date, it will simply be when ever a few of us are online and willing to go, after the 2nd of July.