Miesha "Sylinde" Domare

Race: Night Elf
Gender: Secret




Sylinde is a typical Night Elf of average height, being just a bit taller then your regular human male. She's got perky, gravity-defying D-cup breasts often hidden behind relatively comfortable chainmail vests. She fills out her pants quite nicely as well, yet not overly feminine like some magic-wielding women would appear. While her breasts may or may not be natural, her figure certainly is natural, perfectly toned and leanly muscled from years of hunting in the wild. If asked she would oftentimes claim her ass is too big for her line of profession, but she appears to be content with the number of lustful looks she pulls as she walks around town. Her blade-tattoos crossing her eyes are slightly off compared to those seen among military Night Elves, but she refuses to explain why. She also has tattoos up both her legs, like flames licking her all the way up to her hips, though they're oftentimes hidden under a layer of clothing, she rarely shows any skin below the belt unless it's in private.




Sylinde appears relatively feral and uncivilized compared to a lot of elves. She's aggressive and overly eager, also very curious about a lot of things she encounter. However, she is capable of reeling in her "wild" behaviour, and while in the presence of Kayuna she will behave like an exemplarific member of society. During her "clear" moments, she's shown to be quite learned in Azeroth's history, and otherwise having a fair amount of knowledge about technology and all forms of alchemical creations.


Her pets are also curious. Her ape Ruphus can talk, and he is a sophisticated, well-learned ape. He speaks with an accent similar to Lordaeronians, and he's utterly polite towards everyone except Sylinde herself. They appear to have some sort of a rivalry going on.

Her feline companion Moonstrider have shown herself to be extremely loyal, going as far as attacking beasts fifty times larger then herself without any question or doubt upon Sylinde's command, signifying a bond of great trust and care. Sylinde herself speak about Moonstrider with high regards, and react violently if her cat is ever insulted.

Her spirit wolf Gawyn seems just as loyal as Moonstrider, but he is often seen sniffing female bottoms. Strangely enough he keeps away from Sylinde's bottom, either out of loyalty or fear, who knows?


The rest of Sylinde's pets have personalities as varied and curious as any guild's, much to Sylinde's pride and joy.




Sylinde grew up in High Elven lands, and learnt how to be a ranger there. Her skills with ranged weaponry is uncanny, having been taught by the best of their times. During the Third War, Sylinde fought at Hyjal, having followed the human army lead by Jaina Proudmoore across the sea. During the war, she lost her brother Shodan, and have been searching for him ever since. Her social skills detoriated through her grief, she spent five years running around in the wilds of Hyjal, Felwood and Ashenvale hunting for her brother or the one who attacked her squadron. She never found either. Strangely enough, this is when she started adding the moniker "Sylinde". Eventually, she decided to rejoin society, but she realized her self-imposed exile had brought upon her bad social skills. She did her best and decided to help out where it was needed by reducing corruption through hunting evil and also discovering her love for alchemy.


She spent a few years like this, doing odd jobs here and there. She also encountered Moonstrider, a small moonstalker kitten that she raised as her own, having accidentally killed the kitten's mother in self-defense. Eventually rumors started spreading about the reactivation of the Dark Portal, the cause for two wars between Orcs and Humans. On the other side was Draenor, and the possibility of reuniting with her long lost brother, whom she refused to believe was dead.


However, exploring the entirety of the shattered world known now as Outland revealed nothing. No clues or traces about Shodan. Instead, Sylinde encountered Kayuna, an interresting young druid who did more then catch the huntress' eyes. An (un)fortunate mishap with her alchemical skills rendered Sylinde a futanari capable of impregnating females, which resulted in twins with Kayuna. Sylinde, spooked by the responsibility of parenthood, fled and spent a long time in the wilds of Outland before returning to Azeroth, where she caught herself another companion, Gawyn. How she did it is still unknown.


Then the Lich King struck. Sylinde signed up to fight the unliving evils of Northrend, burying herself in the task to liberate the cold north as an excuse not to think about what could have been. Being with women of many races, each relationship short, turbulent and wholly unsatisfying lead Sylinde to go hunt for her brother again. She found him, reborn as Baelshodan, the Death Knight. Sylinde rarely speaks of her brother, but it's believed the two have close contact despite their differences in career paths. It is unknown how, but she also managed to gain several more companions, including Ruphus. Rumors have it she camped out in a frozen cave for a week waiting for the ape to return.


Sylinde eventually returned to Kayuna days before the Cataclysm, though she was very uncertain how to behave. The "kids" were already grown up, but Sylinde did her best to sink into the role of encouraging them to bother Kayuna. This amuses her to great lengths, seeing Kayuna bothered. But she does care for the girls, seeing lots of similarities between them and herself.


Though Sylinde has a tendency to disappear into the forests and wild nature from time to time, she seems to keep returning to Kayuna and her kids. She's shown an interrest in helping the busty elf with her growing Foundation, acting as a peacekeeper among the ranks. Her feral behaviour and "regret nothing" style attitude suits this type of work excellently, or so she herself feels about the subject.