May 2012 Information


*Coughs* I know I've not published anything in a while now, been super lazy. Just been RPing and stuff. Though I have one picture drawn by Bradwells, the one who did the busty elf by the well! Aaaand! Sparrow have finally become free to do my commission I've been wanting for almost half a year now.

Going to be quite expensive, but I promise you. You will love it. :) Will be a three part picture, with some swelling and bulging. Just to keep you on edge! Still working on that art trade with AmourVore, not gone around to work much on it. Also doing a picture starring Nanako Uthstars draenei. It's turning out quite well, but I want to finish the picture for Amour first. 

Many may wonder how its going on the website front, and we're checking idea's and engines, nothing completely decided yet. And we still aim for having the project done by the end of this summer. September or August. Hrm, thats all I have for you today, just thought I'd fill you in!

Love Lady Starbreeze.