Kayuna Nathalja Starbreeze


Server: Argent Dawn
Race: Kaldorei
Gender: Female


You look at a elf of average height. This elven female have a slender body the only thing standing out would be her hips along with her bust. She have a gentle face a bit young for her actual age and long teal hair frames this girls cute head.

She always carries a soft fragrance of flowers and light perfume and her lips is usually covered with a wild vermilion tone. Along her slim fingers you will notice a silver ring with a claw emblem. If looking closely you will see her nails are quite long yet very well taken care of most of the time carrying a soft pink tone, or a light blue color. She carries a black eye liner, giving her eyes a much deeper look.

When her ear lobes aren't covered by her long lush teal hair you will notice a pair of silver loops connected to her earlobe. She's usually seen in special crafted robes for her ample chest and prefers soft silk against her skin usually decorated in jewelry or weaved with special or unique threads. Along her right arm is a tattoo formed into two viridian spirals entwining into a rod.


She have a very touchy personality and can be seen clinging to a random people she doesn't even know. Sometimes she acts on pure emotions and often regrets doing something stupid. Often very kind and understanding but if shes upset or provoked she can be quite rude.


Kayuna grew up in Winterspring. Her family is direct decedents of one of the few first real druids and the force between them and nature have always been strong. Her journey started at a fairly young age as with all of her kind, but this was far before the legion would ravage the world for a second time, the world tree Nordrassil still standing proud and tall. When gazing to the west you could see its large crown, its branches reaching for the heaven itself. Her life was typical, she studied a lot, learned the art of shape shifting a swell as mending wounds. Raised by her father - and taught by her grandfather Darian Snowclaw, near Starfall Village she was much different from her cousins Cirdale and Amylin Moonray.

Due to her cousin refusing to study under Darian, he toke a much more serious and greater interest in the young druidess. She possessed a quite strong connection to the very earth itself and were quick to catch up what her Shan'do teched her. When the legion started force their way through the forest of Ashenvale, Darian forbade Kayuna to rush into combat. The young girl, not in any positions to argue with her teacher were taken to Moonglade. When the news reached that her grandfather had fallen in the line of defense she burst out in tears. Though it were not just losses on her side. Cirdale and Amylin lost their father and she witnessed her cousin get twisted in despise and demons alike. When Cirdale disappeared for several years she decided to go out into the world and see what it had to offer.

Eastern Kingdom

Venturing into human lands most of the time, Kayuna grew rather fond of the human way of life. She were fascinated with the make up and clothing they wore. Even toke a interest to exotic piercings. She later befriended a elven woman by the name Asheru and they had their first child together. The two grow apart however, and the young druid now sought out something new to do. After having raised a child her bust had grown a fair bit, not overly huge however. She made her way back to Kalimdor and befriended the goblins of Gagetzhan.

For the coming few years she'd be activity taking pictures of herself in wearing less to nothing. Rather quickly becoming known as a model. The years went and she came across a new woman, by the name of Miesha. Their union resulted in two twin girls, Olra and Avellyn. Miesha however ran of afraid of labor of parenthood. The young elves chest just continued to grow with each child she had, reaching a rather huge size by now. She would later be most recognized for them, as an icon.

Back to Her Kin

Later on she moved back to elven lands, being shunned at first by her kin for not looking or acting elven enough. She caught a new mate, by the name of Seriadne, and they had one child. Sylendria. Seriadne at times pointed out Kayuna were probably among the bustiest women in Darnassus, which the young mother both toke as a compliment and offense to.

She later created her own foundation, a group of elves and heroes from all across the alliance, to restore Felwood to what it once were. The druid had come to the point where she understood she had to grow up, and rejoined her elven brothers and sisters. Still having the stigma from her past haunt her. Also doing this as a testimony to her former teacher. She is driven by her daughters and her will to reform her beloved land to what it once were. Gradually getting the respect back from her kin.