The Great Starbreeze Get-to-know-the-members Tournament!

Welcome to the first official tournament where -you- can be a winner. In every guild there are bound to become "groups" or "clicks" of players who love to hang out with each other and easily forget everyone else. To prevent these clicks from building and to smooth over relations members inbetween, the entire month of November will be dedicated to members helping other members with things they need.

It is my wish that people will give this event a try, actually asking and giving help to others even outside the usual group of those you feel comfortable playing with. Naturally, all the officers are encouraged to do the same, although only members have the chance of winning the grand prizes we present.

The first prize in every category will be a pet from Blizzard's pet store, of the winner's choice (up to €10, not exchangeable for cash). Second and third prize winners will also get some cool things, to be announced closer to the end of the tournament.

The way to win this competition is for the other members of the guild to vote for you in the different categories after the competition finishes. The vote will stay open for 2 weeks after the end of the competition, and the winners will be given their prizes within a week of this, as well as get all the honor and glory that  follows with victory! Good luck and have fun, everyone!

Edit: Also, check out the forums for some more details, including categories of competition:

P.S.: How those categories are sorted and judged is entirely up to the members themselves to decide.



Hugs and kisses,