Galantria Blacktear

Race: Kaldorei
Age: 2753 years
Height: 2.08 meters
Weight: 58 kilograms
Gender: Female


Galantria is average tall and weight Kaldorei with strangely a bit red glowing eyes instead of classic bright blue. The first thing you should mention, if you meet her are shiny crescent earings and necklace as a symbol of priestess of the Moon. Except this only jewelery on her body, she is just a usual, normal night elf with almost always red cheeks and slight shyly smile across face.


She behaves almost all the time shyly and just often sits somewhere in shadows, watching silently what is going on. Galantria only occasionaly starts conversation and while she is in company with too many unknown persons, almost cant speak properly. Her voice is shaking as she is nevous, forehead sweating,trying also often to escape to her own reality.Despite this Galantria is very vengeful if you hurt her and while angry behaves selfish until she takes her revenge.