Race: draenei

Age: Cant rember

Gender: Female



Kiyo is tall and athletic, with the sort of body gained only through regular excersize and crisp mountaine air in huge lungfulls. the normaly serene expresion of her race has been supplanted by a near permenat grim of excitment and curiosity.  rearley standing still for more then a few moments she can often be found darting about the place setting trap's, poking through other peoples things or trying to cook what ever it is she's killed this time.





There are many people who go aginst the grain of thier races, Night elve's who move into the dwarven cities, Gnomes who take to the forests and Dwarfs who travel the sea, never touching a pick axe. the draenei race has all of thee indiviuals personified in Esmeth, were they are stoic, she is a hyper-active blur, were they are faithfull and pius , she is greedy and blasphmus, while they are calm and peacfull, she has spent the last day hunting literaly everything alive in a ten mile radius.

its gotten to the point that many belive she is in fackt a goblin in disguise, a belife supported by her love of gold, explosions and explosions made of gold.