Eloawen Fainleaf

Server: Argent Dawn
Race: Kaldorei
Gender: Female

-General--Eloawen is a very calm woman, who rarely angers to anything. she shows matureity in how she speaks as well as in her stepping around obstcles, rather than walking over them, she often stops to help people even if they are Horde or Alliance, since she belives that it's her duty as a Druid of the Pure Forest to aid anyone who needs help.

This have bought her many situations where she have been kidnapped or nearly killed when she tried to aid Horde Members, her Savior has been her Teacher, The Very student to Malfurion Stormage. It is through him she have manged to survive with out being direct need of aid.

Eloawen got a slight glimmer around her which comes from her blessings from both the Red Dragonflight Aspect Alexstraza and The Green Dragonflight Aspect Ysera.

Eloawen has a perfectly shaped head her eyes glows like a Furance with Amber fire in it, while her facial expersions remains calm as the calmest of waters. Her hair is slinged into one braid, it's dyed white to show her pureity is with her.
Her lips is well shaped and is slightly tender to the touch, her markings repsesten thoes of the healing powers.

Eloawens upper body is a very gracius sight for sore eyes, when she once was in stormwind, a lokal drunk looked at her once then looked on the bottle of Rum he was holding and threw it away, only to be arested by one of the stormwind guard, while he was pulled away the guards noted that he said that he had seen an angel.
To most mortal men Eloawen may very much likely to be seen as an Angel, tho she may not out right state she is an angel people might get the idea of her being an angel.

By the Touch her skin is what would feel like silk if not mooncloth, her stature would seem to make her skin more impressive by the touch than it really is.

----Humor and Personal Items and Outfit----
Eloawens dress is made up by silverswane feathers that has been gatthered by picking the feathers up during the time of over a hundred years, preserved well and enchanted with the power of nature Her Dress shines with pureity.

Her Necklace of With the Moon hangs in a silver tread around her neck engraved with three diffrent gemstones the necklace shines in the darkest of nights giving Eloawen a perfect light.

Eloawen is not the best of shapeshifters out there, one would almost call her the Worst ever.
She got a major problem once shapeshifted to get out of the form.

Her Knowleadge about the eastern Kingdoms is very small as the only tales she heard is that from sailers that come from stormwind onboard the bravery.

To others Eloawen seems perfectly fine, howerver she has a very deep secret, she was once assulted by a old god servetent, it was with the aid of the cenarion circle that she was able to avoid becoming a servent her self.
tho she can still hear the voices.


Her Faith belongs to malorne and Elune as well as Cenarius, her dedication to the trio is shown by the tattoo she has on her left shoulder, The Moon is futhrest back repesenting Elune, Then the leafs around it repesenting Cenarius, then finally as the Crown the antlers of Malorne.