Elean Star

Operative Star

Server: Argent Dawn
Race: Elf

The Present...

Standing tall at just over 2.2 meters in height, the azure-skinned Elf, while possessing signs of youth, would fail to strike One as such due to almost brutally rugged outlook her image presents most of the time. Built like a true Sentinel, she would have quite a few healed scars scattered all across the surface of her skin, most notably her arms and legs. The eyepatch she tends to wear at almost all times covers an empty eyesocket filled with a glowing Emerald, obviously magical - One could even think she's one of the taller Sindorei if they saw her with a patch at the other eye on a dark road.

Not much else is known or could be said about her. Much like a shadow, she shifts her image to the one she follows, or the goals she seeks to achieve.

The Past...

Nothing major is known about the Elf beyond the fact she came out of the shadows to aid the Foundation, for reasons not known to anyone - perhaps even to herself? None the less, she appears to have had quite a "shady" type of past, one that might have involved things beyond those within the limits of law - the latter explaining her very chaotic nature and general carelesness behind the way she thinks and acts - despite covering it up with an unplayed look of fool-proof professionalism.

The Future...

It may be uncertain and full of doubts, but she appears to be determined in her acts of aid towards both the Foundation and other various factions of this world which strive to generally make it a better place to live. While nothing can be determined as of just yet, it is quite clear that she's one of those who's actions, in the end, would cause more good than harm - both to herself and the people who's life her presence touched.

The End?

Some say those like her never die; They just return to the Shadows, once again becoming one with the great darkness. Whenever or not there's truth behind such, the world may never know, partly because those like her flirt with death and have already befriended it.

Some might even say it works with them. She'd disagree.

"It works for me, darling."