The Danger Exposed


For those who are not taking part in the actual fighting of the Twilight Hammer, the land needs healing and it will take the assistance of everyone involved to do so. The less aggressive groups and organisations will be the ones to take part in this ritual, it will involve herbs gathered from around the location, and will call upon the Druidic skill of the participants to help heal a small lake in the central region.

Once the land has been vaguely healed and the Twilight Hammer beaten back once more, and enough resource points have been earned supplies will arrive from Darnassus, and along with these much needed rations, the Crusaders will begin to set up camps around the Felwood area, with each one branching out and partnering with another guild . The location of said camps, and the number of them will be decided depending on the amount of people present, but the camps will now be a permanent base for everyone in the Crusade, and will break contact with the Whisperwind Grove.


Signed, Malvor Lashvine.
Event start Saturday 5th of May 18:00 in Whisperwind Grove