Cyrandria Jorune

Server: Farstriders (Although maybe not for long :P)
Race: Draenei
Gender: Female


Cyrandria has a very girlish appearance about her. It may be her slender body, or her young, beautiful face, either way, it hides her true age from on-lookers. She stands at an average height for a Draenei (about 2 inches tallers than a Night Elf). Her skin color is a light blue, her face almost seeming white. She has dark black hair, which she constantly puts in different positions so that her hairstyles don't seem old fashion. Some say she has the brightest eyes in Azeroth, although she says otherwise.



Cyrandria, or Cyr, as a lot of her friends call her, has a very shy personality. She almost never goes up to people and talks to them, and most of the time, she won't say much when they talk to her. Whe she does get to talking, she's a very kind hearted and loving person. She usually likes to avoid confrontation, unless it has to do with someone that she really does care about. 



Cyrandria was born on Draenor, and was brought onto the Exodar when she was still a young lady. After the ship crashed on Azeroth, she was taked hostage by a band of cutthroats and theives. They used her as their own personal slave. Cyrandria was soon freed by a Forsaken rogue known only my Serpentstryk. Serpentstryk helped her find her people, before leaving her again. Cyr found out many months later that the Forsaken were sworn enemies of the Alliance, which she and her people had joined.

Cyr stayed in Exodar for a couple years, prefering study over adventuring. When the call to Northrend was sent out, Cyr offered her services, for a chance to see the Forsaken rogue again. While in Northrend, she joined the Kirin Tor in order to further advance her skills. After honing her skills, she was soon discovered to have an exceptional talent for the arcane arts, and, before long, was being compared to some of the members of the Council of the Six. 

During her time spent in Northrend, Cyrandria met her first and only love. It was a fellow mage, but a member of the Alliance she was not. The Blood Elf's name was Kelari Sunstrider. Since Dalaran was neutral terrotory, it was only a matter of time before she new she would have to deal with the Horde, Cyr just never thought to become involved with one as she did. 

Although Cyrandria fell madly in love with Kelari, it was not ment to be. Kelari was with one of the first attacks on Ice Crown Citadel, and after the battle, she did not return. After her loss, Cyrandria left Northrend for a time, and now spends her days in Stormwind, staying with her long time friend, Rosely Kurei.