Commander Kayandre

Race: Night Elf


Kayandre is of an average height for a Night Elf Sentinel with few distinguishable features. One might pass her off as any other Sentinel, which may or may not be deliberate. She appears fit, though not overly muscular, maintaining a balance between strength and agility. Her hair is a dark blue tone and fairly long though usually tied back or into a pony tail. She has few scars on her face, though her back and torso show several scars, some hundreds of years old. She also bears facial markings like many of her kind in the form of two wing like red markings.


Kayandre is said to be dedicated to her Lady and her Sentinels, taking little time off. As a Commander she is tough, rough but fair. Often time she will send Sentinels who she does not believe will make the cut to do difficult, but safe, work in order to make them quit without embarassing them. She cares for her people but tries not to show it. On the rare occasions she is not working, she can be socially awkward, finding it hard to mingle among those she leads.


Compated to some Night Elves, Kayandre has a fairly tame story. Born prior to the War of the Ancients, she enjoyed a pleasent enough life among her people. Barely of age during the war, she commanded no men. Through most of the war she found herself moving around a lot instilling her with hardship of settling in one place. Like many of her kind she engaged in countless battles during the great conflict and  saw many horrible things. She found herself at home on the battlefield, to the dismay of her mother.

After the great war ended, she took up a simple post in Ashenvale, commanding a patrol of Sentinels for several thousand years. During this 'down time' she honed her skills in leadership, combat and various other Sentinel abilites making her a fine choice for further promotion. She however, prefered to remain on the front lines, in constant vigil for the return of the Legion.

During the Third War, she found herself once again battling the forces of corruption, fighting demons, orcs and even Furblogs. A Vetran of Hyjal, though not serving as a 'key' contender in the battle, she eventually decided to engage in a quieter life style, simply walking Ashenvale alone for many years.

It was during this self imposed exile that she saved the Druidess Kayuna from a trio of Warsong Orcs. Thankfull for the assistance, she offered Kayandre a posistion of the Starbreeze Foundation, where she eventually rose again, to the rank of Commander.

These days, she spends most of her time training her Sentinels or herself, for what ever conflict her Lady sees fit to send them to.