Cirdale Veloren Moonray


Server: Argent Dawn
Race: Kaldorei
Gender: Male



Before you stands a elf a bit different from that of his brothers. He is as tall as the rest of his kin, but not near as big and bulky, even if he's a warrior. He have the body structure of a blood elf, but do not let it miss lead you. Cirdale have rather strong arms though, not any muscle mountain like humans or dwarfs. The stomach is covered in well trained abs. Cirdale generally wears black big armors and a black hood to cover his face. His eyes glows in a calm golden glow and have long blue rich hair which helps framing his rather gentle and handsome face. Usually seen with a troubled face when ever his hood is off.

He carries a golden engagement ring on his left finger. He also got a silver loop in his left ear which belonged to his father, and wears it as a remembrance of his legacy. If you ever get to see him with his shirt of you will notice a tattoo on his right arm, with a silver sword launched in a demon skull which indicates he's a member of Silverbane. He also have demon entrenched runes covering his right breast muscle which indicate that he have undergone the demon hunter ritual.


Though his personality varies on the company he is with, Cirdale generally is a loving person. However since his transformation he have a hard time controlling his temper. He is still very fond of other Night Elf’s especially female priests. His phobias for Undeads have vanished and fear almost nothing anymore. He tends not to care for violence much and is always trying to avoid any unnecessary battles.

Always trying to perfect his swordsmanship or his aim with his bow, Cirdale always try to step closer to his goal of becoming the best fighter to set his foot in Azeroth. Having abandoned his training as a druid he still try’s to seek approval of his people. Most elders find his ways arrogant and hot headed. With his new found lust for power he travels the world of Azeroth ones again to recover any dormant or lost artifact to become something more then he already is.


Cirdale grew up in the lush forest of Ashenvale at the city of Ordil'Aran long before the attack of the legion. He was the son of the local captain Faldian. He started his training early, but his mother Nimora wanted him to become a druid. This path was clearly not interesting enough for the young kaldorei. His brother Sairus chose a different way off life and became an assassin. Their sister Lirona turned out to be a hunter and quickly joined up with the sentinels. Cirdale looked up to his father’s leadership and wanted to become just like him. The elders of the city did not agree with him however. They said he had a the gift of the wild, brought down to him from his grandfather Darian. Still he chose to disobey them. Decades passed and the young warrior started getting a reputation around his people and was giving the command over a special unit named Silverbane. They were an elite hunting squadron. He later got announced as Lord over the keep which location still remains a mystery.

After several decades it grew to his attention that his people might not be as safe as the sentinels believed they would. He were intrigued by Illidans sacrifice. He started study the ancient ways of demon hunting, even sought out special blades to combat demons. He grew further and further away from his men, and as the war of the ancients broke out and the return of the legion, he quickly rushed to his kinsmen’s aid. During a campaign deep in the forest of felwood, he stumbled on a tarnished platoon. Seeking for surveyors he eventually found one breathing. It was his father… He were beyond help and barely able to speak. Cirdale clutched onto his arm refusing to let go, but it was to late. He claimed his fathers silver hoop and vowed to never let a close one die again.

He sought out a ancient demon hunter called Talderion and underwent the sacrifice, giving up his eyes in search of the power to protect his people. Spending several years training under his new master, he finally went back to his people. Though he was branded a traitor for undergoing that selfless act. Banished from the sight of those he loved, he went into exile. Though people whisper of a dark figure roaming the forest, and the folk lore speak of a shadow looming over the kaldorei villages. He remains watching over the one thing left… His eternal love for his brothers and sisters.

A new Beginning

At this time he had given up hope in finding his family and headed back to the human lands of Azeroth. He befriended a few of their kind but were very careful over who he trusted. He had very little left to live for, all he sought now was revenge of his fallen brothers and sisters and strived to get untold powers from old relics scattered across the human lands.

For centuries he wandered the distant lands of Kalimdor, his hate and dislike for everyone grew for each passing day. Taking out his anger on the local pig creatures, he just didn’t find it as satisfying. Eventually he set out back to the other continent, Azeroth, and started traveling along the open roads of Wetlands. What surprised him was how many of his kind wandered around helping out the humans that were settled in the area. He set out for a inn at the lush forest of Elwynn where he settled down for a while. Strange people could be seen around the inn, a dark clothed Night Elf had put the lands through great misery. Cirdale, being the army type he is quickly tried to get connections to rally up and get a purpose back into his life.

A elven Grand Marshal which was pretty rare to see, caught Cirdale’s attention and he asked for a station in his platoon. Surprisingly he got the rank as a Field Commander right at the spot. The elven Grand Marshal were known as Lancher Halarath, with a lot of field training. The two formed a close bond, along with Lanchers brother Cogi. Yet the brother were more of a kill first ask questions later kind of guy, Cirdale was quick to follow his example. Together they had order over the forest of Elwynn for years until the elf in black returned.

The spark of Romance







Cirdale confessing his undying love for Asheru







One morning at the brink of dawn Cirdale spotted a elven woman by the shoreline of Crystal Lake. He casualy engaged in a common conversation with the woman who later turned out to be one of the Steelmoons. Cirdale were facinated by the woman, who actually fell for him. He was worried however that she would find out his past but accepted. The two lived together happily for months, he proposed to her and confessed his undying love for her. She happily accepted at the cliffs of Stranglethorn. The two later got a child, a beautiful elven daughter they named Nára.

This fairytale, like most others didnt last. One day she returned the wedding ring and told him it would make her feel caged. Days, even weeks passed on and things between the two kaldorians worsend. Eventualy the day came when she told him her feelings for him were gone, and that she had been with him for Nára's sake. Cirdale was left devistated, his emotions overwhelmed him and got caught in hate and anger. This made it easy for a Death Knight by the name Razzie to sneak in and place a corruption over him. He became the very thing he have been fighting, slaughtering innocent souls to make up for his desire of his lost love.







Cirdale drawn by Lardo Blackbeard







Eventually, his sanity caught up to him standing in the middle of shattered friendship and lost comrades. A few weeks passed and he found himself guarding the entrance of his new masters lair. He had successfully captured a elven ranger named Xanit. A band of heroes, lead by his former love stormed the mansion. He fought with demonic speed and agility, dodging every blow of the futile rebellion. What triggered the last sense of reason in him were when he tossed away Asheru, already weakened by to many blows and were unable to stand. Upon hearing her weakened heartbeat Cirdale widened his eyes and threw down his weapons. His arms tight wrapped around his love keeping her tight to his chest and throwing his head backwards, screaming in pain. A few tears rolled down his cheek, her hand reaching up for him as if she wanted him to come closer. Her lips barely able to form any real words and ended up in a few letters. “I… L… Y… Cir……” And as the words faded so did her life. Cirdale desperately tried everything to keep her from dying, she pulled out a little booklet from her bag. With fear and sorrow in his eyes he opened the book and started flipping the pages to the one she had marked. The scribbling on the page indicated a way to transfer soul energy. Swiftly and without hesitation Cirdale followed the lines to the very end and reached her hand for his chest, where she started draining him of his life force. Weak and disoriented Cirdale fell into the damp floor, feeling at peace with everything for the first time in long time. The voices around him blurring out, his eyes shutting slowly and could barely make out Razzies angry voice screaming. “Attack them you fool!”. That night he could easily been killed, but his sacrifice did not go unnoticed. Moments later his best friends wife, Ayana arrived and helped him to a local inn.