The Chronicles of Cirdale


Chapter 1. The Birth of a Legend

It all started upon the island of Teldrassil. A young Night Elf warrior rose up from the other dull nature loving comrades. With his mind set on becoming the greatest warrior who had ever walked the world he started his journey to Dolonaar. Of course this task demanded certain kind of equipment since the forests have been starting harbouring evil. He picked up a his rusty sword he had be given from a old friend and started running to the Ban’ethil Borrow den to try to get the regents for a druidic awakening. He was gone for hours and they started fearing he would never return to the Night Elf out post. After all he would have been terribly out numbered of all those Furbolgs that had occupied the den. How ever the Young Night Elf made his way back, and not only did he have the regents but he had found a older warrior by the name Azsro.

The two set of to Darnassus where they parted for supplies and other junk. Cirdale knew by now that he was destined for greater things and found himself ready to go battling the mad driven Nagas on the shores of Darkshore. Before leaving his beloved homeland he went up to the Temple of the Moon to blow a kiss to Tyrande Whisperwind who merely glared at him. Cirdale laughed and scratched the back of his head as he left the temple and tried finding Azsro. With little luck he decided to continue without him and sat of to Darkshore.

When he reached Auberdine he found Azsro flirting with a girl he apparently just have meet. Slightly mad and somewhat irritated Cirdale walked up and hit Azsro in the head trying to explain that he had been looking for him for hours at Darnassus. With their little argument over they decided that Azsro would go down check out the fuborg camp to the south of Auberdine and Cirdale would go directly for the nagas which was to the north. As Cirdale ran along the road to the nagas, he couldn’t but help thinking of how bleach and dead the land felt. When he finally reached the naga he saw a girl battling them, her hair flowing with life with cyan markings on her eyes. The girl was horribly out numbered so he rushed over to her as the hero that he was and slew two of the nagas that was trying to end her life.

After the battle he learned her name. She was a druid that like him had been traveling from Teldrassil to cleans the world from all demonic energies, unlike Cirdales ambition of becoming the greatest warrior. The girls name was Safire no doubt named after the gem sapphire. They both had a striking resemblance, with her blue skin and long cyan hair. The girl thanked the warrior that was staring at her. After standing still for a moment Cirdale snapped out of it and smiled and started asking the girl about her background. The girl however didn’t have time to chit chat and ran of to continue battling the evil serpentine nagas. He sighed and starting heading back to Auberdine where Azsro was waiting for him.

Chapter 2. The Trip to Ironforge

The time had come for the two elves to head for the Alliance major meeting point for heroes all over the world. As they entered the Gates of Ironforge Cirdale started telling Azsro about Safire. At first Azsro just chuckled and told him not to worry. “Women are women” he said. When they finally were inside they was greeted by a strange little gnome wearing what seamed to be a blue overall. The gnome held a spanner in his right hand, and tried to convince the two to let him tune their guns. Of course the two Night Elf’s only had bows on them, and they tried shooing him away. With little success they let him join them on their quest to find the Darnassian emissary that they were supposed to meet. The gnome spoke of a grand subterranean train his people had built that would lead them to Stormwind city. According to him the only elf he had encountered before had been in Stormwind.

So our heroes start traveling to this human capital city. Along the way, the gnome spoke of incredibly things and about magic. It turned out that the gnome was in fact a mage called Zaer. The two elves watched him eagerly and were amazed of all the things the gnome had witnessed and done. Finally, when they arrive at Stormwind they get laughed at by another mage. Human this time, both Cirdale and Azsro thought he was arrogant overdressed pompass. However This human knew the fastest location to the park, and with the right payment he would take the two nightelfs there. Couple of hours later, at the park two nightelfs, one gnome and one extremely jolly human walks in asking for for the Darnassian emissary. One of the druids standing there lifted an eyebrow, while another looked at them disgustingly.

Cirdale went up to talk with one of the druids. "Greetings brother, my name is Cirdale Moonray. Me and my friend here is looking for a emissary. We are sent by Tyrande." The druid looked at him slightly annoyed, and asked what his purpose in Stormwind was. Cirdale glared at him asking if he had done something to offend the druid. The druid answered, "You have a poor choice of companions. Lets hope this doesn’t affect your judgment". The human raised an eyebrow and starting running toward the druid but was stopped by Azsro. "This is not the time nor place human", he stated. "How dare he!" The human yelled. "I am the famous magician Chief Firehand!" The druids sighed and went back to meditation. This time the gnome spoke up, and told them they could actually be of help over Redridge. Cirdale and Azsro shrugged and nodded. "Fine lets go."

Chapter 3. Redridge, no Place for a Gnome

As soon as the four heroes set foot in Redridge, they are jumped a weird hound like creature. Zaer begins screaming, "Ahhhhhhh! Gnolls! Save me!!!" With a quick slash Cirdale slices one of the fiends arm of. The gnoll whimpers away and Azsro glares at Cirdale. "What?" Cirdale asks with a confused look. "You just HAD to do that didn’t you?" Azsro snorts and continues walking. Cirdales remains where he stands and scratches the back of his neck. "What!?" Zaer bows down before Cirdale and Chief chuckles. "Gnomes…" he replied and continues laughing. Zaer raises his fist in anger at Chief. "Don’t make me turn you into a sheep!" Chief turns around with his thumb up. "Then we’re two about that." Zaer sighs and mumbles. Mage jokes… ‘

When they reaches the dock Azsro had already started flirting with one of the local girls. While passing him Cirdale fwaps him in the back of his head and laughs slightly.