Race: Night Elf
Gender: Male



Blennon has long blue hair with purple undertones, lively pinkish skin and the golden eyes that are so common among the children of the stars. Tall and slim, Blennon always seem to look with marvel at everyone and everything around him.


Curious, good hearted, and at times very naive, Blennon is one of the first kaldorei druids who were born mortal. He loves taking the form of the cat and watching from the shadows the beauty of the ever-growing world Azeroth and it's people, and he marvels at all the little things others may consider trivial. He is very loyal to his friends, and he is happy with the simple things in life - a warm meal, a walk at the Darkmoon faire, and a long nap under the trees of Darnasus. Mature but very young in heart, he always looks for the "damsel in distress" and will gladly instictively take the part of the outnumbered defender in almost any situation



Blennon trained with the druids of Darnasus from a very early age.  Although his work as a druid hasn't been better than average, the friendships he forged in his first home would last for ever. He and his friends eventually took arms against Lady Katrana Prestor, who was the dragon Onyxia, and joined a small army that raided her very lair. Although victorious, the fight pushed the druid beyond his limits, and he retired to Moonglade to sleep and walk the Emerald Dream as his wounds healed. The arrival of Deathwing awoke him, and now he travels the world in search of old and new friends, to join him and the rest of Azeroth in this fight for survival.