Aweniel "Aween"

Race: Draenei / Night Elf Halfbreed

Age: Young

Height: 78"

Weight: 120 lbs

Gender: Female

Appearance: Aweniel or Aween (nickname mostly used by her draenei friends) is clear example of mixing two species together.

Her thin body is 78" tall and with almost absence of strongly pronounced muscles, giving her feminine look. The look is even enhanced by size of her chest and posterior which is larger than you would expect for her body structure. Her body is covered in smooth purple skin without scars of any kind.

The major difference from an ordinary Draenei is in her facial appearance.  Her soft face looks very night-elf like since most of draenei features are gone. Her silver eyes are probably the first thing you will look at. They are deep and clearly fit her kind look. The facial tendrils are completely gone, however her ears are nearly as long as would an elf of her age had, going back bellow her downward-curled horns.

She has a shoulder-long dark brown hair which can be especially wind when wet.

Her tail is a little bit shorter, but still is really important part of her body.

Those who would sugest her to sound like Draenei would be wrong. Surprisingly for both her and her surroundings, people could mistake her voice for that of a night elf.

The only jewel visible on her body is golden ring on her tail.

Personality: Aween is Neutral Good character with ocasional moments of Chaotic Good. She tends to help other people but sometimes end justifies the means. She is curious and deeply cares about the people around her, willing to put safery of other before her own safety. She is passionate, strong and caring. However she is also nosy, stubborn and gets distracted easily.

History: She grew up at Shattrath, however she always knew she is differend. Not just because of her appearance, but also because of her way of thinking. Draenei teachers often found her lacking concentration and trying to focus on too many things at once. However to know her origin, we have to go deeper in time.

She is daughter of draenei magician and night elf scout working for the Cenarion expedition. As her mother worked with her father, they grew closer and in time she found herself pregnant. She found herself embarassed and vanished. They never saw eachother again and even the news of his death havent reached her mother's ears. She never spoke of him. When Aween came to be, she named her Aweniel so both her and her daughter will always remeber her origin. Apparently she didnt imagined the extent of elf features her daughter will posses.

Maybe because of the magic of her mother, maybe because of her mixed blood, Aween grew up fast and became mature in just a decade. Thanks to her in-born affiniti to light she was trained to become a Vindicator. One of the Draenei paladins. However her wild blood had differend plans for her. And a few nights before her joining into official Vindicator ranks she quietly vanished. With those few money she had she traveled through the dark portal.

The whole Azeroth opens before her. Now it is the time to make her dreams come true. To live the adventure she always wanted and seek knowledge of Night Elves, or perhaps find her own father.


Now something about me:

I am 23, I work as Translator and Interpreter. Ive been playing RP for years, however I became active on english scene just recently. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons (3,5;4), Gurps, Fate, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Vampire the Masquerade. My main hobby is Wargaming (Warmachine, Dystopian Wars).

What do I seek: Mature guild with both RP and PvE potential. But mainly good people without tendencies to cause drama (if not with purpouse and agreed on).

What do I offer:

Experienced, friendly player, willing to help other on both RP and OOC level.

You can find me in game on nickname: Aweniel

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Aweniel "Aween"