Amylin Lirona Moonray


Server: Argent Dawn
Race: Kaldorei
Gender: Secret



Amylin is a quite colorful night elf. This former captain carriries several medallions from past services. She stands proud and tall at an average females hight. Also you might notice a fairly well developed bust, a little bigger then her sisters, also she carries a silver loop in her left ear. This elf is rather strong, she might not look muscular but don't let your eyes fool you. Her stomach is ornate with firm abs.

Usually you will see her in a purple specially crafted mail armor, where the bust once again strikes a rather impressive sight, given the metal surface making it look larger. The armor itself is lined with purple eternium lined scales with golden mithril edges striking as a very expensive piece of craftsmanship. The shoulders formed as two dragons with glowing red eyes. Her second armor is the standard field marshal suit, given to her during her command in Silverwing. Its ornate with silver tinted mithril and golden overlay which offers a striking beauty should it ever be looked upon during the day.

Along her arm is a tattoo of a heart cracked in two, and a rose at her pelvic area. Her right ear have three rings at the tip going down along with a silver chain connecting them and at her earlobe she have one larger ring but is usually hidden by her hair.


This woman can be quite cruel. She have very little love for the remaining races wandering the world, and she only treat her own kin with a sense of acceptance. Raised by a military family, she hold great respect towards the sisterhood's priestesses. Be that as it may, she can be a bit snappy, even towards her own, if they annoy her. Amylin is not one you want to get on your bad side, she pride herself with being one of the better ones at getting the information or desired results. From a lovers point of view, she is the one who is in charge, and if challenged she will make sure to put her partner in place, as she did with her cousin, Kayuna.