Allýna Ravenmane

Race: Kaldorei
Age: 1356
Hight: 6ft 10 (209cm)
Weight: 12st 8lb (80kg)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: What are this? (Bi)


When it comes to looks, Allýna Ravenmane is not the fairest. She has a slight masculine face covered in the Marks of the Claw, and if one inspects closely enough, they would find that she also has scars on her face, although none of them stands out. She wears dark purple lipstick and black eyeliner to go with her long dark blue, silky smooth hair. 
Her body is well-trained, and strong, yet still curvy. Her bossom is slightly bigger than the average of her kin, yet her hips are quite thin, making her rear petite and small.
Her stance is in general very proud, yet still quite elegant. 
She has a faint perfumic aroma of vanilla. 
Her voice is welcoming and polite, as she is of a most friendly  appeal, although she rarely smiles unless amused. Aproach, and you may find out more about this Elf. 
She dons a purple armor at most times, covered by a tabard of Darnassus, to show her allegiance. 


As said, she's a friendly, welcoming person. She can however be rather dominant, or very submissive, that depends solely on her mood. She's flirtatious to both genders. 
However friendly and welcoming she may seem, she is still a loner and spends most of her time away from others. She rarily speaks to other races, and is quite shy even amongs her own kin. 


Not much can be said for her history. She grew up in Ashenvale, where she trained beasts most of the time; leaving little time to socialize with others. However, when she was deemed ready, she joined the Sentinels and trained to become one of them. As the centuries passed by she grew to be a very skilled archer in the Kaldorei army, yet instead of being sent to war with her other sisters, she was elected to become a warden. She quickly grew dull of her new work, yet didn't complain. After some years she requested to become a huntress and was allowed. Here she left her homeland behind and went out to live in the wilds. She found an adult saber, with white fur and black stripes. She knew him already, as he was one of the beasts she grew up with. He grew quite quickly to become her mount and trustworthy companion. 
As a beast master in the wilds, she started to form her own pack of sabers; all with white fur and black stripes. One she adores more than all the others, and her name is Mush'arei.