Alianae Silverleaf

Race: Kaldorei

Age: 982

Gender: Secret



Alianae stands quite a bit short of her kin, usually looking up at most of her friends to meet their eye. Her body looks lithe, though you wouldn't notice when she wears her usual armor, a kilt and leather chestplate. Only when she wears one of her robes the outline of her real posture can be seen, all of her gowns hugging her skin closely.  


Considered young for her kin, she has all the traits that come with less experience in life. She was ripped away from the Emerald Dream like many Druids during the invasion of the Burning Legion, and stayed awake afterwards. Having met new friends, she decided to find an occupation that suited her, the calling she wound up with being that of a diplomate, trying to resolve conflict before it would turn violent. This is something that shapes her personality, a strong urge to pacify. This does not mean that she can fight, she will draw to brutality as what she calls the last instance of diplomacy.
Being still not taught as well as many other druids have been, she is a little naive in thinking that all things may be resolved peacefully, a point that she will defend in an argument. Aside from this she is very open and friendly, treating hostility with an attempt for friendship, and early stages of physical conflict with acceptance rather than retaliation.
Her form already suggests that she is not made to be hit with heavy objects or carry armor preventing damage from such, not a deception at all. She lets others do that, providing medical aid for the wounded during and after a battle, something that she is incredibly good at, considered her learning.