5000 Unique Hits!

Wow! I actually never thought it'd get this far.. Partly due to me not posting on Darknest anymore, which have lowered the amount of people I can reach with this art. I'm not 100% sure about how the counter works, but I think the unique visitors means different ISP or computers. Let's assume its 5000 different individuals.

Don't worry my dears! I have quite a few treats left in store for you. I'm working on a five thousand hits bonus picture! Which I'm kind of excited about, I like the pose and I will be trying out something new! More on that later though. I will release the notes with the actual picture.

Thank you so much for letting this become as big as it turned out! And I hope you all will keep sticking around to share in tales and pictures.

Best wishes & love Lady Starbreeze.